Advanced Genie Editor now breaks the game

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • GAME BUILD #: 101.102.28520.0 (#94056)
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

Making and saving any changes in the Advanced Genie Editor makes the game (literally) unplayable. When you launch the game afterwards, the following error message will play on loop and you will be unable to do anything (including click “exit”)

:arrow_forward: FREQUENCY OF ISSUE

100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Open Advanced Genie Editor, make any change to anything (in my case I unchecked the “Hide in Editor” box for one hidden object).
  2. Hit save, and open AoE2.
  3. See the error message.

:arrow_forward: EXPECTED RESULT

I should have been able to access normal Singleplayer/Scenario Editor capabilities of the game, as has been the norm until now. Having an unmodified data file should only be necessary for Multiplayer access.

This is very unfortunate as it now means that you can’t place any of the currently hidden units in the Editor, or to use triggers for hidden objects that do not accept unit ID # inputs (e.g. “Change Train Location”). I would imagine this to also stop data mod testing dead in its tracks.

Hope there’s a fix for this ASAP.

Hi @SirWiedreich
That’s because you are trying to edit the main data file, it was possible before because of a bug. You need to use mod data file instead.
Thanks for the report :slight_smile:

That seems strange considering this has been possible for around 15 years since the original genied.exe. It begs the question of why you are still (theoretically) able to edit the main data file in Age if it’s just going to break the game. I guess the push is to consolidate everything under “Modding.”

Good to know.

it was updated maybe 2+ years back but I agree it shouldnt be this way. I think they are trying to reduce bug reports or people losing their mod each time game update through steam which is a good thing, but then theres the aspect of you can do with what you bought, even in single player.

Please don’t tell me this is actually intentional or it was only able before because of a “bug” because THIS is what a bug feels like.
I am very disappointed on how this game sometimes harms the singleplayer content in order to benefit the multiplayer, such as how Attack Move had an intentional delay obviously for multiplayer reasons, but affecting your performance against AI.

Modding was the best and most fun part of the game for me, thanks to AdvancedGenieEditor i was able to enable hidden units such as the Flamethrower, Ninja, Fire Tower or give unique skins to regional units such as Frankish Paladins and Crusader Knights for Teutons, heck, i actually had my own “Savar” even before this DLC. Now it’s all gone.

There are so many other ways to prevent any kind of cheating in multiplayer, why not simply disable the multiplayer tab like in offline mode if a modded dataset is detected? or disable the achievments if that’s the actual problem, but just don’t take away the fun for those who paid for this game, come on.

Forcing us to pre-select a dataset from the menu IS NOT the solution for this because some people doesn’t even know how to create/upload a custom dataset and makes it very annoying for testing our mods since the game doesn’t remember it’s last dataset loaded also giving us irritating popups of confirmation or unsaved progress because of cheats enabled.

It has been months since i played AoE 2 due the insane amount of bugs from update 81058 (Gambesons), my game wouldn’t even open back then, but now i came back only to be disappointed once more.

yea I believe it is intentional. the reason behind it is with good intent and they understand that it does sacrifices some other aspect of it.

theres prob a lot of us losing modding progress due to this at the beginning. as long as they dont abuse it, hopefully.

Thank you for the feedback.
Editing base game files is a dirty method and has not been supported for a while for a number of critical files. As other people have mentioned, it has the problem of losing your mod everytime the game updates, among other possible problems that only a game cache reset would fix. Using the modding system is the only officially recommended way to perform your mods.

Remembering the last data mod used is a good feature suggestion that can be considered - though would need to be such as to not cause confusion for those wanting to switch back.

You do not have to upload the mod anywhere - as long as you only use it in single player, it is sufficient to create a folder under “mods/local”. The “dirty” method was equally unusable online due to data mismatch - so there is no functional difference here; but by using dedicated folders you can switch back and forth easily, and avoid losing the mods after updates. Furthermore, by including civilizations.json in your data mod, it can survive even through Civilization DLC updates.

The real issue seems to be that Advanced Genie Editor does not automatically propose the good mods/local save location for you. For AGE-related issues, I suggest posting on GitHub. For any issues with the modding system, feel free to post in this forum.

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Sorry i might have overreacted a bit back there, but i was really let down when i found out that i wasn’t able to use the AdvancedGenieEditor anymore the way we did before.
I guess making the game remember a “fixed” dataset for both campaigns and skirmish could be a satisfying workaround for this matter, as long as there is no more popup messages or warnings afterwards, i mean, it’s not just annoying but it kinda feels wrong to be constantly reminding the player that he’s doing something bad by not playing the game the way devs want it, people shouldn’t feel guilty or punished for trying to have fun in singleplayer mode.

As for the “cheating” matter… maybe this could still be open for debate, because editing the dataset doesn’t necessarily gives advantage to the player unless he really knows what to change there.
For example… making a Paladin or Onager super strong/cheaper would also benefit the AI which means it could backfire towards the player and make the game even harder, most people only want to have their unique skins or balance some units/civs the way they like playing it.

People will always look for third-party programs for cheating and they’re usually way easier and more effective than AdvancedGenieEditor for that purpose, especially for achievements.