Advanced Tributes? (suggestion)

Here’s a suggestion I have for the game, though I know it may be to late to make this suggestion.
Especially with every player having their own set of units, What if you could tribute units, to aid your ally’s weak-spots in their army? this could help in diplomacy games, for example if an ally was giving you recourses but wants to make sure you don’t use it against them, you can give them some troops as a mutual trade.

Another idea i have would be to pool or “tribute” technologies, basically, investing in a sort of envoy unit that can share the benefit of a certain tech with a certain ally, and dies when it reaches your ally.

Another thing about envoys though, it could be a nice way to simulate diplomatic interactions in the middle ages, although they may be too complex.


At one point I tried to make a scenario in AoE2 where you can send military units and let your ally control them

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Sadly in one of the interviews they said that the diplomacy will be very basic.

Cool things that could have been done would be contract that you can form with people for going into an alliance like you have to pay x Gold/Minute as long as you are in that alliance. Or just a timed none aggression pact that can’t (easily) be broken.
That could be really nice for a Diplo Games type of gameplay.
For really Medieval diplomacies we would need marriages though.

Enabling the other player to train your units might be very unbalanced.
Imagine a player that can build both Frankish Paladins and Briths Longbows.


i didnt mean enabling, i meant giving it to them

Starcraft 2 had the option for shared control.
You could give shared control of all your military units or even all units and buildings to your allies.
That could be a cool feature for AoE too.

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