Advice for Chinese and Japanese army

If we can send cards to make Chinese and Japanese army more modernize,that will be brilliant.
Those new units are stronger,but more expensive.

Chinese will have those new units:
Xiang Army(湘军):New Musketeer lead by Zengguofan.
Huai Army(淮军):New Dragoon lead by Lihongzhang,they arm with rifles.
Gansu Hui Army(甘肃回勇):New Skirmisher,they are Chinese Muslim.
Weiyuanjiangjun Mortor(威远将军炮):Like Sevastopol Mortor,but they move faster,cheeper and weaker.
Krupp Cannon(克虏伯大炮):Like European Heavy Cannon.

Japanese will have those new units:
Akakuma Army(赤熊隊):New Japanese Musketeer.
Kihei Army(奇兵隊):New Japanese Skirmisher.
Batoutai(抜刀隊):New Japan melee unit.
Armstrong Cannon(アームストロング砲):Like Haudenosaunee light cannon,but can fire rate are faster.
“Osaka No Baby”(“大阪のベイビー”):Like European Mortor but more effective against infantry.

i often find myself thinking that Japanese units need to be stronger

Agree. Samurai should be equipped with a light saber.


Daimyo: execute order 66.

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嗯嗯,我一直有这个想法,欢迎下载Ta Tsing Empire或者 Units Historical Appearance Chinese


I agree that the Chinese and Japanese armies in AOE3 look archaic in the Industrial and Imperial ages, I think the Ashigaru in the later ages should look like the soldiers in the movie “The Last Samurai” (and add in the industrial age the possibility of allying with the USA in the consulate to get Gatlings and thus be able to better recreate that movie). The Chinese military should also get a modernization, with some units wearing a more European-style uniform.