Advice: to select more than 50 units at once

it should be a basic function , when F2A,only 50 units were selected,which puzzle me a lot.


you are limited to groups of 50 in the game, you can make groups and then simply shift between them to make moving larger forces faster.

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The 50 unit selection limit is a left over from the original AoE3.
Back than it was there to reduce lag.
when you give units movement commands each of them has to calculate path finding. Earlier games had much smaller selection limits. Warcraft 3 had 14 I think and Stracraft 2 (come out after AoE3) had 200.

I assume this limit isn’t that easy to change because of how formations work in AoE3.


I think its not hard .They don’t do it because it doesn’t make money.

I think its part of aoe DNA at this point and it encourages a different gameplay dynamic when you fight at scale which I find nice, you are more just spaming units at that point and it gives it a very industrual feel, like grinding a bunch of your men to die

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  1. The team that made AoE3DE is not the same team that made the original AoE3. They have to work with other peoples code that is over 15 years old. That’s never easy.
  2. The units form into formations and just changing the number might cause a lot of unforeseen bugs.
  3. The game has a population limit of 200 or which usually 50% is villagers, so you will rarely even reach 100 units, so a 50 unit limit is still half of your army.
  4. Making customers happy makes them money. That’s how game development works. You are unhappy so you are less likely to buy DLCs or future games.

I don’t think so.
Strcraft 2 doesn’t have less micro because you can control 200 units at once.
There would be nothing bad about having a higher selection limit.

If it’s not too hard to change they should obviously do so.
But there are things that are more important like a working attack move. Maybe increasing the number could cause issues that brakes the attack move again.


there is nothing bad but its not aoe.

I am also saying that by the late game there is less micro and that is part of aoe. The lategame in aoe 2 is very spammy, with tonnes of production building just sending units to a rally point to die. AOM literally has auto unit queue to facilitate just constant spam, no one cares about selecting more than 50 the units at that point

In aoe 3 treaty you can micro a small group of units but for the most part you are still spamming units to their death, whether you can select more than 50 the units doesn’t matter at that point.

No one forces you to control more than 50 units.
There are people that like playing custom maps with lots of units and other things.

You can read people argue that the 12 unit limit from SC1 is good because of reasons in old threads.
Arbitrary limitations are bad, there is no reason to come up with fake arguments to support it.

Why would ever argue against something you don’t need but that doesn’t take anything away from you.
“I’m not hungry please stop eating.”

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dude, its a game, all the restrictions can be called arbitrary. ( why the vil limit, the unit stats, resource rate,etc…)( to push it to the absurd- why cant you use your hand in football?)

Heck aoe 3 removed a restriction, that on needing a resource drop off point and guess what? people who play other aoe games don’t like it, and aoe 4 is going back to it.

You can say the same for tonnes of parts of this game. Its a matter of design here and if you are going to change it you need hell of a good reason to change how the game is played instead of just, other games have it.

Hell, if you want, make a mod that does what you want for the custom maps, but its a different matter when you are asking it to be a part of the core game, that changes the design of the game.

The selection limit is a technical limit. It was never chosen for gameplay reasons.
Something like a Villager limit is a gameplay mechanic. You can’t get around the villager limit by just clicking twice.
You can get around the selection limit by just clicking twice. command to the first 50 units and than command to the second 50 units. You just loose a second.
It’s just a little annoyance. It doesn’t change the balance at all, it doesn’t make you play better or anything.
The limit is to high to force you to micro small armies but it’s still low enough to annoy some people.

Some people aren’t playing this game competitive, let them just select their 100 units and attack the AI. No one is taking anything away from you.

And I am saying that at this point the selection limit has become a gameplay mechanic , people have worked around it and formed the meta of the game around it, changing it will be a change to the mechanic of the game.

And again I am not saying that people cant have it, have at it , make a mod, but its not something that should be added to the core game.

Mods are not an option:

  1. You probably can’t mod that
  2. Mods are really buggy and the modding system is bad

It won’t change anything other than making the game more comfortable to play.
It is not meta or something like that. You are just trying to force your elitism onto other people. Bragging that you have good enough micro to handle only being able to control 50 units at once, which is a joke. It is not like 50 is a super low limit.

You should know that the game rarely gets into Industrial or Imperial anyway. You will very very rarely run into that limit in a normal match.
It is not a game mechanic or meta. People didn’t cry either when AoE2s limit was increased to 60. And they are usually even more elitist.

You dont need to get to age 4 or 5 to get to that mass size, china and russia regularly breaks the 50 limit and any game that ends up in a crawl between two armies will break it, age 2 musk huss wars and even carolean spam. its what makes a china deathball unwieldy to use

You say its not a game mechanic but there are also a lot of other incidental stuff in the game that has become a game mechanic like pull tricks, drag boxes , line and column formations, kiting treasure guadians

If a “probably” is what it took to rule it out already then thats just a sad argument

I didnt know that, but a change to 60 is basically nothing, no one is going to notice anything, both the people who wanted to select more and the people who didn;t want it. With that option you make no one happy.

Does the pull trick make the game less enjoyable for casuals? No.
Do drag boxes? I don’t think so?
Formations? Neither?
And kiting treasure guardians? Most casual players don’t even know about it.

Would it break the game if the pull trick of the treasure guardians kiting would be removed? Absolutely not, the meta would just shift a bit.

AoE2 changed it from 40 to 60.

I’m pretty sure you are an absolute minority. Most high skill players don’t care at all and most noobs would appreciate it.

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There is a game engine limit. The possibility to OUT OF SYNC the game, gets higher, the more units you can select. It is at 50 for good reasons.

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In the past, the maximum number of units that can be selected at one time is fifty which is understandable, because the computer configuration of that era to do so will lag. But now, more than ten years later, our computer to achieve a one-time selection of two hundred units should not be a problem, this is a technical problem rather than a configuration problem.