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Unfortunatley, I will have to say that the 2nd mission just isn’t fun. Majorian does absolutely nothing no matter how much I type his taunts in or use flares. I guess this is why you have a low pop limit, but having such a low pop limit + an ally that does nothing makes this mission incredibly grindy. Unfortunatley I haven’t been able to complete this mission and move onto the rest of the campaign

Another point, this isn’t too much your fault, but the path-finding in this game is really bad. Those areas that have lot’s of ‘eye candy’ especially that swampy bit near the coast causes lot’s of units to get stuck or do a whole lot of moving around which takes forever.

Sorry if this feels like a rant, I’m just trying to give some feedback. I appreciate the great deal effort you have put into making the campaign.

Hello, In order to make Majorian attack, you first have to designate an enemy to target (65 or 68), and ONLY THEN, have to type 31 to launch the attack.

I’ve tested this mission a good dozen of times, last time right before release, the AI works perfectly fine if you follow the taunt instructions (first designate an enemy 65/68, then launch the attack 31).

Hope this helps.

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Ok I will try that next time I play it. Thanks for responding.
In the senario it has ‘taunt 105, 106’, (or something like that) so not sure if that is a mistake or perhaps means something else.

Ah yes, you got it right, it’s my mistake, but my observation still stands: first uses these to designate target player, then launch the attack with 31.

I used this pattern of AI commands because it allows you to time your ally’s attacks very precisely. Also, make sure Majorian gets his horses, because cavalry compose a large part of his forces, and his strength will be really diminished if he doesn’t get cavalry.

Indeed, the scenario is designed to cooperate with Majorian and Ricimer’s mercenaires (which you can direct using flares, very convieniently). So if you try to do it on your own, you will struggle (it’s doable, but very difficult).

Most other scenarios have simpler taunt mechanism to direct allies, usually just one taunt to set a target.

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Level 2: Attack Purple, surrender the city and change its influence. Purple failed to surrender normally and began to run around.

The third level: When my morale reaches 60, I have already completed all my goals without any fun. When my morale reached 100, the task failed to enter the next stage and I was unable to pass the level without any prompts.

Level 4: Oh, although I can, 50 people fighting in a castle is really disgusting,

Level 6: The blue branch line is almost useless, or when I have the ability to help, why don’t I directly push all the enemies?

Ok, so I have replayed mission 2 now. I did manage to win it this time but Majorian still did nothing.

I tried taunting 65/68 then 31, and unfortunately it didn’t work either. Out of luck towards at then end when I had nearly won, I typed 205, 65 and 31 (can’t remember the order) and only then did he start attacking purple although by then I had pretty much won. So maybe that is what it is? Or maybe 205 does work but it just didn’t work when i was playing it the first time? Ehh, not too sure but maybe it’s just a bit bugged which is hard to work around

I did see some people commenting that purple didn’t change ownership to player, but in my run it did work correctly.

Thanks again for the response and hard work for making the campaign!

Hey I just replayed the scenario, it is written in the Objectives panel what taunts you should use:

• Taunt 205 to tell Majorian to focus the Burgundians (5, Purple).

• Taunt 208 to tell Majorian to focus the Visigoths (8, Orange).

• Taunt 31 to tell Majorian to launch an attack.

So it’s neither 65, nor 105… It’s 205/208 to target either the Burgundians (205) or the Visigoths (208), and then type 31 to launch the assault.

You figured it out by yourself by the looks of it that it was 205/208 and not 105/108 though.

But keep in mind to always read the Instructions Panel and the Hints carefully.

Thanks for playing!

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Level 2: Purple isn’t supposed to resign after you capture the city: you still have to finish him off.

Level 3: Well congrats on being good at the game I guess. Morale isn’t linked to any progression trigger though, so I don’t see how it would prevent the next stage of the scenario to trigger. No offense, but I think you struggle making sense of the instructions in English: the scenario isn’t about getting 100 Morale, it’s about sustaining waves of enemy attacks with 2 lulls. You’re just probably very good at the game so you probably managed to rush all secondary objectives while being able to multitask, and now you have like 10 minutes + the lull duration to go through so it feels long, but once again, morale isn’t linked to progression triggers.

Level 4: No disrespect, but if you would have read the instructions and hints, you would have made better sense of the scenario. You can get Imperial Age units by minute 10 by recruiting the Alans, or and/or get population-free Frankish Throwing Axemen after you’re ally wiht the Franks, or even just go to Castle Age and use 2 rams and longswords to take down a Castle. Yellow is really weak.

Level 6: Blue being useless is a matter of player skill. At the end of the day, it’s still 20 villagers working for you for free and a good amount of infantry you can deploy anywhere in support. Now if your aim is to speedrun the scenario with a 6 TC boom, yeah, you can do it on your own, but it’s not the point.
I don’t understand what you mean in the rest of your sentence.

This is after translation, so the words may not convey their meaning

Level 2: The update log has been updated and the surrender conditions have been modified. I think it should be normal now.

The third level: I played the game for about 3 hours and still didn’t respond, so what happened after 10 minutes? There hasn’t been any change on my end.

Fourth level: I know, but relatively speaking, this difficulty is still slightly too high. You can consider changing it to 70/100/150. I think it will be more fun for most people.

Level 6: Under population restrictions, players will instinctively give up engaging in naval battles with the Vikings. And blue defense will involve a lot of energy, so if possible, you can consider providing some other rewards.


Thanks for your updated feedback.

I’ll double check the issue on the 3rd level, but I still struggle to understand fully at what stage you are. Basically there are 3 waves of attack before the last stand, each waves are separated by a 10 minutes (IRL) / 15 minutes (in-game) lull. These events are purely triggered upon timers, so regardless of what you do, there shouldn’t be an issue to progress through the scenario, but maybe there’s a “deactivate trigger” that slipped somehwere, so I’ll double check just to make sure.
Can you tell me if you burnt the outer district and/or destroyed the bridge in your playthrough? That may point towards the origin of the issue.

4th level, I’ll probably set 70 on Easy and Moderate, but it will most likely stay 50 on Hard, it’s really easy to mine 800 gold with your starting villagers and hire the Alans in the West, and just use the 2 siege rams to take 1 or even 2 of the Yellow castles.

Level 6: I understand what you mean now. I think your issue with that quest may be tied to the fact that you sound like a very skilled player, and you probably been able to manage this quest while attacking other players at the same time, hence why you struggled with population.
One thing you probably don’t know is that all AIs in this scenario are coded to react with the Player’s progression and “level of threat” to them. If you don’t attack them, their attacks will stay very weak, with almost no siege weapons. But the stronger you get, the more relics you take, the more players you defeat, the other enemies will adapt and grow stronger by making more villagers and military to keep up with you, and provide a challenge until the end game.
Hats off if you managed the Britons (blue) quest + taking out enemies at the same time (I don’t know if you did so).

Anyway, I will try to come up with something to add as a reward on top for the Britons (blue) quest. Maybe additionnal population space for you (+25 or +50). Let me know what you think about that.

Third level: Only the bridge was demolished. The outer city area was not harmed, including the initial burn and attack.

Level 6: I eliminated the purple town center and villagers at the beginning, but did not demolish the castle. After ascending to the throne, I made a circle from 6 o’clock. I was not surprised by the betrayal of my ally, perhaps due to not picking up the sacred objects during this process, and the opponent’s attack has always been weak. Defending monasteries and castles only requires a small number of units. I only explored the blue after eliminating all the enemies (including the gray ones) because the gray AI had already surrendered,

Yeah, I just think you’re super good at the game, and managed to steamroll all AIs before they could react. But I don’t want to make them spam units 24/7 into infinite streams either.

I will also put an AI signal condition that prevents Grey from resigning until the Britons quest has been dealt with one way or another.

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Hello there! Thanks again for the excellent campaign!

I have two questions/minor suggestiona regarding the final mission.

Are the number of British refugee wagons limited to an absolute total of 5? I lost the fifth one to a sneaky longboat and stuck around on the island for some time, but no new one spawned. It makes sense if it is one only 5 in total, but perhaps some margin of error would be nice. I was using Paulus and the Sarmatians to guard the British, while Syagrius was leading the charge against the Franks, so I got pretty distracted. Still was pretty sad because I saved the romano-britons in an earlier attempt and thought it pretty cool to get them as ally. But in general pulling of an high stakes evacuation was lots of fun.

Second minor suggestion. It might be nice to add a final warning message before the timer to choose an ally runs out. In my first attempt I completly missed that this was an option at all. I read the hints, but especially if you try to take an opponent out early there is really much to do in the beginning of the mission, so perhaps a little additional nudge would be nice, next Syagrius’ initial voiceline. In comparison to the great fun of having Romans with the celtic technologies I experienced in the second attempt, the involuntary pure roman attempt felt a little bit lackluster. But that was probably the intention.

Anyway really impressive design overall and specifically the final mission. I will definitely try it out with the Goths/Franks as ally and the idea of mixed civ design was a really creative choice to mix the roman gameplay up a little bit.

Cheers and take care!

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