Aesthetic curiosities and Suggestions


We have two different moddels to Ulfsarks, a woman and a man.
The marked model has some differences. He does not have a beard and has a braid on his right side. On the other hand, he lacks the shoulder pads that his brothers have, and instead, he seems to have long sleeves.

Seems like a woman. So now we going to have two different modles for ulfsark. I like this because you can update your peasants to ulfsarks and you have man and woman as peasants.

3 woman ulfsarks and 7 man ulfsarks*


    Mythic units have different sizes in the different footages showed. I supose devs are proving different sizes.

Example: einheriars here in the trailer seems like a gigants in clasical AOM. At least three times the height of a human

In exchange here, the einheriar is just one head taller than a human.

I personally would prefer that devs maintain the last size for einheriar, other mythic units I don´t care to be bigger. But einheriar is a human.


  1. Golden tone in tier 4 units.

Clasical AoM has 4 tiers.
-Tier 1: without armor
-Tier 2: brown armor
-Tier 3: grey armor
-Tier 4: golden armor

I personally don´t like golden tone, and I think that in general it doesn´t like too. I think this is proven when the devs themselves in the cinematics and the trailler prefer to show the gray tier 3 units.

But this time seemed like the golden tone had been replaced by a more natural bronze tone.

But in the last images, we see how golden tone has returned :frowning:

Devs please. Could you lower the Tier 4 gold tone to look a more natural bronze tone?

I like the golden Champion units. Bronze is already used for Medium units. Heavy units are silver. It’s a clear system and makes the stronger units look more special. Even though realistically golden armour doesn’t make sense, it’s fine within the mythological setting.


No, they use brown. The yelow units in general seems weird.

This tone would be perfect for Tier 4 units.

…like this.

…and no like this


The other way round.
Tier 3 = Bronze
Tier 4 = Iron

The armour upgrades are literally called Copper, Bronze and Iron.
So why are the Bronze units silver looking and the Iron units gold?
Makes no sense.

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Bronze is brown. That is bronze.

The armour/weapon upgrades are different to the Medium/Heavy/Champion upgrades. It is confusing though.

i hope we get much more consisntency in retold.

as you mention with armor upgrads but also with statues that finally god statues look very similar to their portraits.

the female and male ulfsark makes sense and is also a big plus for consistency!

but what i see and am curious about seeing these images: is that creature with the hoplites a chimera???

It’s understandable what I’ve said.

Tier 2 is currently like this

Tier 4 should be like this

No like this

as sakdidesu already mentioned if they want constistency and a bit more logocial upgrades then they should stick to the armor upgrades and change the visuals to the named armor upgrades with iron being the highest tier.

either that or they have to change the armour upgrades to highest tier being golden. which would be really really weird but hey its fantasy after all.

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This would be perfect for me. But I don´t think devs will do it.

So if the tier 4 would remain like this (not golden), I would be happy.

I know, and Armour upgrades don’t even change the visuals in AoM.
It would make more sense to make the armour colour based on the Armour upgrades and the shape or decorations on the Medium/Heavy/Champion upgrades.

I generally don’t like golden armour since it’s just stupid.
Gold is expensive not durable, why put gold on soldiers?
AoE4 does the same thing.

i looked at the screenshots. three in particular.

do you see the prometheans on the left? they look slimmer and quite small here (i intentionally mention their size here) also how do you guys like the glow?

on the right do you see the sphinx? its an upgrade and its really visible now! looks great IMO. (sphinx generally looked really great in the video too)

i overall like the wadjet design even the wings are maybe a bit too big? petsuchus looks amazing in my honest opinion. mummies too (they finally look a bit beefier like they can take punch) phoenix is great too. avenger yeah why not. hard to tell.

in this pic we see caladria on the left with dark hair which seems to be an upgrade. i think she looks really fine! (hope she can attack now) on the bottom right and also in the background you can see automatons which look different from the older screenshots. i personalyl liked the old ones too but this ones look really good in my opinion!
but do you notice the giant promethan in the background? same design as the egypt one but bigger. i personally think its a bit weird to see them THAT big, but their new design fits way better to a bigger model than a smaller one. (maybe the smaller ones are its smaller passive parts?)

argus still looks way better than the old argus same goes to the behemoth (even i hoped for a different approach regarding behemoth personally)

in this one we see medusa finally and she looks just GREAT. aswell as colossus who looks great too. nemean lion, centaurs and even pegasus, minotaur and cerberus aswell. the new ones here are cyclops and - what seems to be - chimera. chimeras design is hard to tell if its good or bad, but its strange to see chimera being smaller than minotaur and cylops. speaking of both i like the minotaur design but its SO BIG now it seems. and cyclops… well even they really seem to stood true to its original here i think their design here seems really bland and less beefy looking which i personally don’t like that much.

what do you guys think?

(in the others we see mountain and fire giant which both looks really great in my opinion aswell as nidhogg which also looks stunning)

@EverybodysFoo1 that´s my point here.

This tone for Tier 4 units. This is not (yelow) golden.

It’s fantasy. Shiny gold armour makes them look like the best units. The most important thing is that the Medium and Champion units are easily distinguishable, which is why they use a dark bronze and bright gold. It would be too confusing if they were too similar, and it wouldn’t make sense for the best units to look bronze when iron is better than bronze. Bronze, silver, gold is a clear system, and they’re not going to change it.

Golden yelow armors are in general weird. If they are from a hero or special unit… ok. But a golden army… weird. Don´t care if it is fantasy or realistic.

Champions units are easily distinguible with this bronze tone too and they are distinguisable by their quality armor, not only by the colour. Here the units don´t seems golden (yelow) and they are fine…

They seems more like this

And they remain being so different from this brown tone of tier 2

Okay i don’t know about you guys but I saw the leaked gameplay with just ingame sounds.
There are many good things, like the destruction effects, the light, the effects in general, manticore look great, centaurs seem to have a new special, that Minotaurs can finally speak. But I personally am not a fan of the age up UI, Athena sounded really not good, mountain giant have a different voice to vet which I am not sure yet if I like it. Also chimera model I am not sure about either…

Let’s start with the progressive things like putting in female fighters?..

Perspectives from the trailer I guess…

Yes, it would be more historically correct…

But in Norse mythology did female ulfsarks exist?..

Yes, in AoEO it is like that, the troops in the first levels wear copper and bronze armor and in the last levels you can make them wear gold armor…

Well well, interesting…yes, about the voices, FE always hires newbie voices and it sounds terrible in AoE 3…

I’m not sure female ulfsark ever existed. However, There are many accounts of norse women fighting alongside men in battle, even though they were mostly housewives, managing the home and the farm. That being said, If the need arose, they were perfectly capable of taking up arms to defend the village in the event of an attack, hence the in-game ability for norse villagers to change into ulfsarks.

Don´t worry. We already had Ragnarok heroes female. Ulfsarks can be upgraded from female peasants.So it´s ok for me.

If all nord units would have a female version, this would be different.