Africa early game rush fix

Make them start with 1 extra cows instead of 4.

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the rush has been significantly nerfed with the change to the desert raiders, removing the 4 cows removes the entire civ bonus it may as well be a regular livestock pen for the ethiopians that don’t receive livestock every shipment, and there cows cost 100 gold each not 70 food.

Ethiopia has infinite shipments of cows.
even with 100G cost, they trade very very well. Not even comparable to EU livestock.

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So forcing them to waste a shipment on cows that you can’t even get until age 3.

Anyway you’re entitled to your opinion as am I and I can never see them changing the cows/livestock it’s the entire civ bonus, it’s what they are built around. Maybe something will changed on strong livestock maps but it will be a minimal change at most.

There is a cow shipment in age 1, also infinite, worth 2k resources.
anyway, it is not taking their bonus away, it is dialing it back in age 1.


Another idea is they get 2 of those cows back after hitting age 2. So it’s like they start with 1 less cow except you can exchange all your cows in transition to age 2.

Yeah, just not at same food level. Ethiopia can FF without ever gathering gold as well lol.

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Well Ethiopia getting to age 3 without gathering gold is possible without cows, habesha gives you a builder wagon and 300 gold, and then you can ship 700 gold.

True. But with cows you can pick whatever you like.