African Civ Information

Any information about the bonuses or mechanics so far?

Both this and the Hausa screenshot look so cool!

If they’re going to add more, I expect Zulu to be present. They’re one of the most iconic African nations during the game’s time frame.


Not really. The Zulu War with the British – the only thing they are really known for – happened in the 1870s is that extreme tail end of the “time frame”. The Zulu Empire itself formed a few decades earlier but didn’t do much.

IMO Ethiopians and Moroccans are the only ones that truly deserve playable civs. Though I’m not complaining about the Hausa, it is nice to learn about a new civ via a video game.

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are we actually getting an african civ too ?

2 have been announced: Ethiopians and Hausa.

If not the Zulu, than maybe the Shona, who were the people behind Great Zimbabwe and the kingdom of Mutapa. I just feel the southern half of Africa needs some representation instead of all the playable civs coming from the northern half like in AoE2. Though the Zulu could still be present as an NPC “tribe”.


Everyone wants Zulu, bro, but Hausa are not North africans, they are Central or West Africans, and Ethiopians are East Africans.
For real North Africans, in this timeframe, I am hoping for Moroccans.


Best case scenario would be
Moroccans (North)
Hausa (West)
Ethiopians (East)
Zulu (South)