African Clearing and all Nomads

Shouldn’t stone be removed from the Nomads?
I mean, the only Meta is from Drop castle because there’s way too much stone.
Double frank comps can win stupidly without having 4 different civs.
It becomes anything.

Nomad in team games all about luck.


Wow, this same old argument about nomad again…

Ways to counter castle drop:

i) Make units in fuedal! It sounds obvious… But the majority of people who complain about nomad just seem to expect to be able to free boom without making units.

ii) Do tower rush on enemy. You can deny stone/gold/wood and make it impossible for them to move out and castle drop on your face.

iii) If it is a map with water on it then make sure you are first to fuedal and kill their fish. Even if you do get castle dropped on you, they will have low eco and will need to abuse market.

iv) Just make a new TC… It is not end of the world to get castle dropped. Just remember to make units and keep your eco rolling. Making a castle is a big investment. So you are automatically ahead in eco. Then focus on counter units and/or counter attack.

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What? I’m sure at 100% that persian, dravidian, malian and spanish are much more picked and stronger than franks. Be it Team game or 1v1. In fact franks are under average on nomad.

I dont know why in every topic a guy like you giving advice like op dont know. Its like saying " Just don’t let Haaland get the ball and he cant score a goal" when someone say Haaland is too good footballer.1111!!!
Ofc he know how to play againts castle drop but it is no changing the fact : " Castle drop is too strong in nomad".

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Because the strat is bad and he is right?

This is not defending a Haaland. Its defending a mid tier scorer and you people complain about him being too strong.

If franks are so op on nomade…why does no pro put them in s or a tier on nomade? Why are they never played in tournaments on nomade?

Have you even tried out once one of his counterplays instead of complaining?

People like you think they should balance the game around people in low elo but thats not how it works. Try to improve and you will see that this strat isnt that good.

Dropping a castle with spanish is way stronger for example because they have a UU backing up the strat. Meanwhile you think franks are better just because they save some stone?

Read wisely, he says castle drop is too strong and gives franks as an example but you understand it like he is complaning about franks.

it is Spanish castle drop is too strong, other civs are not strong at all
If somebody else is trying to drop me, I will just pull more villagers and finish my castle faster so I can deny his castle and kill all builders

if he says “double franks” its supposed to say that franks are so strong, that its smarter to pick them twice instead of any other civ so yes, he is saying franks are the strongest on nomade, which they are not…not even close.

Do you guys also complain about castle drops in arena?

To be fair i would understand it more on arena than on ############ even there its not overpowered. Its just 1 strat. Towerrush can also be overpowered if you have no idea what to do and thats the point. Instead of ignoring the tips people give u to counter these strats, test them out and see what happens.

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Thanks man… my thoughts exactly.

Afaik there is already a mountain style nomad with fewer stone and gold and everything goes cav instead.

It is the point of Nomad. Lots of ressources for being able to remake base anywhere after you get sandwiched.

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