African fields take too much space

If we compare the size of farms for 100 villagers of each cultural group, we can see that african ones need too much space.

It would not be a big problem if we would not have very limited space in long treaty games. A fully developed economy takes up about half of your “circle” (this is especially severe on maps where the circle does not reach the edge of the map), if we add to it other buildings such as town halls, livestock markets, universities, houses, walls all around, etc, we have very limited space for military buildings.

I think african fields should be twice smaller or be able to handle twice more villagers (with an adequately higher cost). The second option seems to be better because it would also reduce redundant micromegament required to control eco.

The quantity of fields reduced twice looks just fair in comparison with other cultural groups in terms of taken space.


they have been buffed to 3 villagers per field now at least.


You’re right, latest patch increased the number of vills per field to 3. Now the comparison looks like this:

Much better, but I still think that 4 vills per field (second image in opening post) would be the most fair solution.

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I think it’s fair that they take up more space because you do save a ton of wood compared to building mills/estates.


They do take up more space which is annoying. I don’t know who they didn’t just stick with economy buildings from the other civs

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I think the way they are currently is fine, it’s kind of a penalty for the strong units they have, before the patch though they took up too much space.

I think the extra space needed is a part of the civ balance.


nice visuals! I am not sure how many other buildings they have, but like Asian civs have some pretty big wonders, and Haudeshone ussually need a lot more so they can farm and cow boom and may make many plantions later.

being a smaller foot print could even be an advantage to tuck them between buildings, and really good if you want to place just a couple vils around the map for making bases (like in ORI having to build a farm near the gap so vills are close) its really cheap.

Well seems recent change should work fairly well.

have you tried the card that makes enemies slower while near them? I even wondered if it was good enough people would build some farms in their FB

What I’d like about fields is if it were possible to select gold or food before it is completely finished.


got to keep in mind that africans dont need to find space for wonders or factories, i suppose the cattlemarkets fill a little but still.


You can using the hotkeys.

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While it is being built? Didn’t know that, it isn’t very intuitive, since you cannot see the buttons in the ui.
I know another trick : select a completed one, along with uncompleted ones, the button for selecting resources is available and interactable.

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bro you can slow units with those fields… they must have soem disanvantage

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You can also spam them for free to help your army