After 18 years

The improved buildings card for brits has been moved from age 1 to age 4. That is a huge leap and I hadn’t heard anything about it. Is it a mistake or have I been riding a wave of lame whenever I used it?

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The moved the ottos improved buildings to age 4 a few patches ago. Maybe it’s a start of a general trend for turtle/boom civs. I don’t think it was mentioned in the patch notes


its partly due to that infamous age 1 build u max boom in age 1 and spam vils hp and building hp card


That was with the old logistician, doesn’t work anymore because they also changed the church card so you don’t get the rogers rangers shipment.

It’s a silly trend putting improved buildings age 4 though, certainly not worth 1600 resources.

no you still get the old church tech in age 4 and it doesnt use the logistician that often since its mostly about the vil hp

You don’t get the age 4 shipment of rogers rangers, rogers rangers the tech now gives you 5 rangers and makes all longbow and longbow shipments rangers, check it yourself.

Always used to be logistician, stay in age 1 and build all 20 manors so you still get vills from the manors, build towers for defence, send building hp/cm, then age up logistician and you can instantly train from all your towers longbow and pike, then normally you’d go straight to industrial sending the church card on the way and getting the highlanders, then the rogers rangers and then shipping elmeti and rockets. Done it probably 50x myself.

you do after you research the first one


I havent seen games with the longbow spam from towers tbh, i ahve only ever really see going straight to age 4

I’m guessing it gives the new rangers too right? If so it’s still bad because the old rangers were far better units.

The objective was never to make any longbow correct, but if you needed to the logistician gave you that option, nice surprise for the enemy when they see you have no barracks and aging up at like 10 mins then you pop out 30 longbowmen buffed by the arsenal tech instantly from your towers.

not it gives the old rangers

It’s not supposed to.

welp we will see how long it last, its been like 5 months?

edit: tbh if they still allow the batch of 25 new rangers but with shadow tech, that would still be pretty strong

Well nobody tears downs the houses for the most part so I don’t see how improved buildings is in any way affected by that change so far a vil boom is concerned.