After carving the terrain,It's stretched ugly

Hello,How can this situation be improved

Manually stretched textures will be stretched ugly

How to make it like the texture of mountains produced by AI :sweat_smile:

@seabass8695 @MomentoTR89 @SavageEmpire566

I had tried to make new maps long time ago; but I don’t know why - Content Editor crafting maps made my computer slow while I have a really nice computer.

I will check it out later, I am at work now.

@Ashenone3DM unfortunately most Content Editor questions are out of my purview. Give the modding Discord a shot, there’s usually a live link over at the official Age of Empires Discord iv-modding channel. There are a couple Relic folks in there, as well as some guys that make a bunch of maps and really know their stuff.

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@SavageEmpire566 friend, I have a question too. Do you know how to make the summoned camp permanent from “Setup Camp” Ability of English Archer?

I have applied some nice visuals and new features to make that camp into a real camp. However, this “Setup Camp” Ability has a timer, like in 45 seconds sth, it disappears. I couldn’t find any way to make it permanent.

Do you know how to make the edges of the map without stretching the texture, or how to avoid stretching the texture sir?

I’ve just put up a short video of my process for those sharp edges hope it helps!

edit: lol it didnt record the render window ill upload that in a second

:saluting_face:Thank you for your quick reply. Are you an insider?

hehe no worries, not really just a guy with too much time on his hands lmao.

the link above will show the right video now =) when it’s done processing

basicly the key is a mix of layers, blending, sigmoid addition and subtraction, and slope limits lol

No, sir It doesn’t help me
Maybe I was wrong when I carved the terrain,Texture stretched and twisted too much to be saved with tiles

Even with tiles, he stretched,Can you demonstrate how to build a large area of highland with a 90 degree angle

So the closest thing I can think of if you want a completely flat tall vertical surface would be to decrease the target slider and layer a few different textures at different heights and overlaps then add some grass textures overtop, which includes some gravel type ones as well. Adding many small terraces and ledges/extrusions between top/bottom would break up the texture better though, could probably do it with a tiny offset from top and bottom horizontal axis to retain the vertical appearance.