After completing an online match, can't find/host new game

Every time I complete an online match, I have to restart my client because when I go back into the multiplayer window the server browser doesn’t show any games online. It’s just stuck on searching. I think 1/10 times I might get lucky and the server list will pop up but most the time I have to restart my whole game and being forced to sit through the intro every time and reconnecting is really annoying.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a work around or is something toggled in options that might be bugging it? I want to note that when I first boot the game, the server browser ALWAYS fills with lobbies. It’s only after a match I play this error happens.

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Games broke dude. It’s an unfinished product as far as I’m concerned. The game just shut off last night in the middle of a ranked match and I had no control of it. Of course I lost points too because of Micrososoft’s broken product. The pathing is still horrible watching vills glitch out collecting res, the lag is so bad melee units stand around and get killed by ranged, and not to mention the MM is broke too. This game is a downgrade from Voobly IMO. Aside from graphics. But we have a great profanity filter in this game. At least little Johnny won’t be exposed to harsh words over the internet.