After match statistics

Is there some place where i can see after game statistics of my own game? I know on voobly you could go to a page for every match. It showed stat ageing up times, gathered resources, kills and losses, … Is this also possible in DE at some place?

Only thing i know is replay the complete game and go to statistics view. So you need to replay the whole game before you can the statistics.

If there is no place: Devs please make such place.


May i conclude there is no such place to see statistics besides just replay the complete match in fast forward?

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You don’t see a Statistics screen after your matches conclude? :hushed:

When the match end and you quit the match, it should take you to a stats page showing all of that stuff you mention

No, there’s a stats screen after matches end; just like AoE2 has always had. It looks a bit different, graphically, than past iterations of AoE2, but it’s there. I’m not sure why they can’t see it

Seems like i was not really clear. Immediately after the game you can see the stats. I know. Now close the window and go back to start menu or completely close the game. How can i now go back to the stats? That seems impossible (if you dont wanna replay the completely game).


And it is. Would be a nice feature tbh.

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Ahh, I see now. Thanks for the clarification. Yeah, that’s not possible. Would have to save the game right before it ends, re-load it, then quit to see ‘almost completed game’ stats

Good idea, though