After playing FL for 3 days I decide not to play Chinese until it's fixed

Just want to share my opinion and experience on this topic. Before I play Chinese I only use English and French with a winning rate around 60%. For the hundreds of games I have played before, I can tell there must be something wrong with FL, though i’m a rush player(Chinese is even more unbeatable in the late game). Browsing the forum I find that there already are hundreds of people complaining of FL. Still, debates go on everywhere. I decided to try Chinese for myself.
I didn’t read any “how to play Chinese” articles. Actually Chinese is difficult to master, at least compared to English and French. But I win every single game after the first game with a single strategy. I just build 2TC and another landmark in the second age to reach Song dynasty and when reach Yuan dynasty, I can build 3 FL in 5 seconds, which gives me a 70+ army within 2 minutes. And I just move the FL head to the opponents landmark and destroy every landmark, while produce FL continually. Actually no enemy could survive the first wave of FL no matter what they have built.
One may argue that “you have to reach age3” or “you have to build another landmark”. But in a team game, especially 3v3 or 4v4, it’s generally impossible to sweep all the Chinese player out of the board before age 3. Also another landmark is totally affordable. 1200 food and 600 gold seems expensive but actually it’s cheaper than 9 knights. Rush seems to be the only way to deal with Chinese, but don’t forget it’s not available for most of the game given the map size in a team game. That means your rush will not be soon enough, and Chinese can build a ZhuGeNu per 5 seconds if they are given time of reaction. Actually, after I decided not to use FL, I rushed with ZhuGeNu in a 2v2 and a 3v3 and win both of them.
Finally I feel obliged to apologize to all the players I met these days. I realize their game experience is somehow destroyed and I think I won’t use FL anymore.