After recent update and server maintenance, hosting custom game drops half the time on start

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  • GAME BUILD #: latest build
  • GAME PLATFORM: Steam / Microsoft Store (both)
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10 / Windows 8

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after recent update and server maintenance, hosting custom game drops half the time on start.

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Edited from 50 to 75% - just how frequent this happens

  • 75% of the time / matches I play (FREQUENTLY)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. host games
  2. any server that might have issue
  3. drop/stop working on startup

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to work properly like prior patches

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Yep, was about to make a post about this. Bummer to wait for your 4v4 to fill up, vet the players and balance teams, and then just have your lobby derp out when you try to start.

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Thank you for reporting. Next time this happens, could you please write down the Game ID of the lobbies this was encountered in? This could help investigating the issue

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game id is something like this aoe2de://0/261243156 right? this is one of them that dropped

edit: another one aoe2de://0/261350911 @StepS7578
edit2: 261386080

Thank you, this is helpful. I’ve let the team know

I’ve been encountering the same problem.

Game ID was 261478574.

Additionally, I had a feeling this might crash, as one player in the lobby randomly got kicked by lobby (I did not kick them nor do anything, lobby randomly kicked them itself). Was hosting the Rage Forest 4 map.

Not sure if this is connected to the lobby crashing bug. It doesn’t always happen.

another one. game ID 261525446

2nd one today, game ID 261527117

3rd one back to back, game ID 261527786

@StepS7578 @Felizon89

new ones 262425627 x20 char

can confirm happens like 40% of the time with lobby games

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bump, not sure if this helps but whenever this happens majority of player drops, except maybe 1 or 2 player still stuck in the lobby on countdown.

heres another one 264962369

another bump, this issue is still happening after the DLC release.

@Felizon89 @Nerathion this issue seems to be getting worse and carried over to even RMS and regular game.

in regular game RM and official maps, it happens much less but still does. then custom RMS has a bit higher frequency, then custom scenario and finally datamod happens like 50% of the time.

heres a clip with the popular map hyperrandom on Dave_AOE’s stream today. I hope the dev team would up the priority on this and fix it because now its happening on custom game with default settings, and being streamed too.


Yeah, it doesn’t seem to be the issue of a mod, since a custom game lobby with just a standard map (not even a custom map, just f.e. normal Black Forest) also has this problem.

bump, and this is still happening after today’s update patch

alright this is getting WAY WORSE now. before if this happens, we’ll just host another and it’ll have at least a decent chance to start but now after last several patches, it’ll drop like 3 in a row or more.

today we tried 5 lobbies in a row all dropped, can’t host any custom games without restarting the actual .exe soon as this error pops out.

can u guys fix the issue already? this was originally caused by server maintenance not even sure how thats possible

posting only to confirm that the bug is still happening.

When you are not the host you receive the message “You were dropped from the game”.

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yea still there

i think im starting to see some correlation with how long the game has bbeen on, and if theres just 1 player that causes this issue the entire lobby is screwed

so after every like 3-4 games I ask players to restart the game, but of course those are only ones from the same group, random players we have no way to know if they been online for awhile without restarting.

wow time flies thought this was reported early Jan but looks like its september of 2023 lmao

so about almost 9 months in not yet fixed 24