AFTER the new DLC

They should change:

  1. that died units turn into sekeltons instead of sinking in the ground

  2. give ships water reflection

  3. give mangonels, scorpions, trebs and Siege in general military units that push them

  4. a option to disable the flames animations (or military units don’t attack buildings with swords, instead they use a torch same tarkans, and range units throw torches)

  5. a option to change the user interface in-game, without the need to manually edit the files.

  6. bann all the civ builder entries in the mod section, because this low content is spamming all the mod section of the game, quality mods are hard to find (already more than 800 pages just of this civ builder entries)

Post your ideas (except more civs) lol


talking about skeletons, afraid hard because they gonna have special version for China then, lol unless China ver. remain untouched.



Hussite Wagon needs Horses

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How ? Is this a new rule? Because the old game have skeletons. Why China have something against skeletons in computer game?

Should be possible, because there are already few different monk graphics

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this is well-known in any China games, any naked/pure skeletons are not allow and being censored due to their government’s policy/local culture.

In this way, they mostly redesign/replace with dressed/covered skeletons instead, one simple example is Diablo 3. Other China mobile game I had played also removed skeleton from some of the character’s skin(censored version) while other international server remain original same skin with skeleton.

The skeletons of age of empires 2 normally had clothes still, at the end was just the bones without any skin. Sorry for the China restrictions.

Indeed. it’s just a matter of doing it

China has so many weird bans on things.


I agree that they should have their own category 100% it’s full of spam

All the other things would be nice but not that important imo
Edit: BTW I think there’s a no fire on buildings mod, you might want to get that if you haven’t

Only skeletons are doable but not gonna happen cause the game removed those elements to sell it in china or germany or countries with no violence setting.

The rest well you need a new engine for 3d effects and a better code, sorry.

I tried use the mod search, but with the words “fire” or “flames” i have no luck, there are other entries that contains this words but not a mod to disable the fire.

Weird, I remember it being there, maybe it was deleted

I would make a proper category for those. Navigating through all mods isn’t great IMO within the game.

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The torch option is possible, had been done with a mod for the old version of the game. Also new unit graphics for siege and water reflection is possible.

Germany have strong restrictions about games yes, but not so strong that they have something against skeletons. In the past the restrictions was harder and they allowed it in the old game.

Maybe im using the wrong words in the search, but have no idea for what i need search for.

Yes, i was going through every site ok the mod page until the civ builder entries appeared, than i lost die desire continue looking, because ± 800 pages at the moment, what means like 8000 civ builder entries are too much.
It took me like 2/2.5 hrs from cage 1-450.

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most importently… day and night cycle

the 6th suggestion is the most importent one

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