After the upgrade, the flag needs to be changed by the developer. How about

Ask developers to make the flag changes of all European, Asian, African countries, the United States civ and Mexico civ conform to history after the ages is upgraded but we Most of the civilization flags in this game aren’t accurate for the entire game’s timeframe, as there were changes in history, regimes, and even just simple aesthetical tastes. In this case, the European civs for a considerable period during the timeframe of AOE3, so their flag gets represented as European’s. Similarly, the British have the 1707 Union Jack flag, but this flag only came about in approximately the early Fortress Age (in game terms) and by the Industrial Age (1801), they had changed to the modern British flag. The French use an early version of the royal standard, but by the Industrial Revolution, they should be flying the iconic modern tricolor flag. There are some civilizations who have completely made-up flags, like the indigenous American civilizations like the Aztecs and Haudenosaunee.

I was thinking about making a proposal where flags could evolve through the ages for each civilization, or that the player could be allowed to pick a custom historical flag through their Home City like they do explorers.

Under the first proposition, the British for example:
Flag of England (Exploration, Commerce)

1707 Jack (Fortress)

1801 Jack (Industrial and Imperial)

i was per my second proposal, the player could go into a menu and pick any of these flags or others to customize the aesthetic of their civilization. For developers to make it to flag change so this is good for real Sense of history


Germans civ if be changed to Austrians:

  1. Archduchy of Austria (Exploration)

  1. Archduchy of Austria (Trade)
    (current Germans civ flag with a red, white and red coat of arms on the chest)


  1. Habsburg Monarchy (Fortress)

  1. Austrian Empire (Industrial)

  1. Austria-Hungary (Imperial)


Industrial age, is as the name suggests, the industrial revolution, which started around 1750 although you could argue even before it with the first steam engines. So 1707 is not early fortress, but rather late fortress age, although for your specific argument it doesnt really matter.

This however thus should be only imperial age.

This has the exact same problem as a flag not being used in certain ages, as more flags could have been used in the fortress age or a flag could end in the middle of an age, so you still have the problem of a flag not representing an accurate time period. There literally is 0 issues with there being only one flag and for people who arent history nerds it would only cause confusion if the flags are wildly different. The game isnt a historical simulation and shouldnt be.

Prussians civ (potential civ):

  1. Teutonic Order (Exploration)

  2. Prussia (Trade)

  3. Kingdom of Prussia (Fortress)

  4. German Confederation (Industrial)

  5. German Empire (Imperial)


I liked to civs flags changed for ages


In the case of Prussia it is possible very easily :wink:

This should be the flag of Brandenburg. Teutonic order has nothing to do with the eventuall Kingdom of Prussia which would unite Germany. The only thing they did was colinize the area with Germans. The subsequent duchy of Prussia was inhereted by the rulers of Brandenburg not the other way around.

You offer Prussia here, so why the German confederation flag? It was presidented by the emperor of Austria, not the king of Prussia. Also German civ shouldnt be split as that is just idiotic.

This is not the normal flag of the German empire.

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Poles civ (if be added):

  1. Polish Crown. (Exploration)

  1. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. (Trade)


  1. Duchy of Warsaw. (Fortress)

  1. Kingdom of Poland (Kongresówka). (Industrial)

  1. January uprising. (Imperial)



Please send the flags of all European civilizations after upgrading from the ages, such as Spain, France, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands Maltese ottoman and Russia two North American civ for United state and Mexico flag’s change


Grand Duchy of Moscow







French flags:

  1. Kingdom of France (Exploration)

  1. Kingdom of France (Bourbons) (Trade)

  1. Kingdom of France (Fortress)

  1. Revolutionary France (Industrial)

  1. Napoleonic French Empire (Imperial)

This kind of thing should just be a mod otherwise it would get very confusing which civ is which with all the flag changing. It would also obscure the revolutions where the flag does actually change and conveys important information.

First priority for the flags should be fixing the eyesores that are the native flags. Out of them, only Inca has a decent looking flag.


Maltese flag:

  1. Order of St. John (Exploration)

  1. Kingdom of Sicily (Trade)

  1. Kingdom of Naples (Fortress)

  1. Kingdom of the Two Sicily (Industrial)

  1. Malta (Imperial)


Swedes civ flag:

  1. Kingdom of Sweden (Exploration)


  1. Sweden (Kalmar Union) (Trade)


  1. Kingdom of Sweden (Fortress)


  1. Union between Sweden and Norway (Industrial)

  1. United Kingdoms of Sweden and Norway (Imperial)

Ill keep responding as you keep doing things wrong.

The Polish-Lithuanian Comonwealth existed untill 1795, so 100% within the Industrial age. So the Duchy of Warsaw wouls be Industrial age. But you already put another flag there. Which is also bad as thats not the main flag of Congress Poland.

This is a lesser used (merchant) flag for only a couple of decades. The current Russia flag is way more representable.

Russia was never a republic in AoE III timeframe.

Exploration age begins around like what 1440 now because of Asian dynasties? Although being 1492 before. Well, the Kalmar union came into existence in 1397, you know, it wouldnt hurt to do a little bit of research, it took me like what, 1 minute to google?

Also the first French flag wasnt used anymore in exploration age and the final French flag seems to be more of a ceremonial flag, not the standard one.