Age 1 AIs and Competitions


We are looking for additional members to create Age of Empires 1 AIs, and I am not sure where to post about it. We have a smaller community of around 40 individuals, but not many who actually create AoE1 AIs. We create AIs for Age of Empires 1 vanilla, Age of Empires Rise of Rome (with and without RockNRoR), Age 1 DE, and Age 2 Return of Rome.

There is an upcoming tournament starting on the 10th, and it will be on Highlands for AoE1 Rise of Rome (with RockNRoR). The tournament will be single elimination with both AIs challenging each other.

A variety of other tournaments for AIs on Age of Empires 1 are planning to be run this year-

Continental on Return of Rome
EMP Highlands on RockNRor
Emp Highlands Return of Rome
Islands Age 1 DE
Continental RockNRor

If I have permission, I can post the discord link- but I would assume AIs can still be posted here on this thread.

Thank you in advance for checking out the thread.