Age 2 Pure LB Ram Rush is broken

Horsemen dont work… Nothing can stop it unless French. Pretty broken.

LB is Longbowmen i guess. Do the enemy have spearmen to protect the archers?

None… It was about 50 bows and three rams. The only shot I had was a fast castle for cats and hope he didnt attack first. I stacked horsemen, all my resources, towered up and they just ate them alive. There is no early game counter to mass long bows unless you get Knights or MAA which are both unique to the age with certain civs. I even has the Age 2 upgrades for the projectile armor and melee attack.

Against The english I would play very greedy by doing as many TC as possible to boom hard and the moment I see he’s starting to mass lots of Longbows I would start to add stables probably 2 to 5 stables If between all this I’m able to get to the castle age then I would aim for a couple of mangonels and lots of springalds the rest pure horseman. With this alone you should be able to kill Longbow/pike/siege

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You are exactly right. That was the only option I had.