Age 3 UI help

hey y’all is there a way to move the age 3 de mini map to the far right side as it was in aoe 2 de and the resource bar\stack to where it is when the classic hud is enabled and the make the unit panel be in the center you can do such things in aoe 2 de but I can’t find the same things in age 3 de I went to the UI folder and found the file and looked at it in note pad but don’t known where to go after.

Its possible yes.
But the UI is split in 5 different files.
1 for the minimap + HC shippments
1 for resources
1 for command panel
1 for unit informations
1 for the menu
1 for the resource trading between players ( Diplomacy )

Nvm thats from legacy, seems like the XAML is pretty… Well good luck finding the values you need to edit xD

if it was the old system it would be much easier.

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I know its almost a year old post, but it is possible to do what you describe here, but only after opening the file with a file manager
made a custom layout with that tool, and yes you first need to find the right Xaml file, depending on which layout you want to edit, then some panels, like age up, player summary and others need edits in their own Xaml files if you want to tweak content of the panels