Age 4 dethroned the greats

Age 4 feels great to me. Elitist say it’s shallow and boring. I’m starting to get the feeling there’s bitter sc2 fanbois trying to sabotage aoe4 so ppl go back to blizzard.


It’s not just people from SC2. Lot’s of players from the other AoE games feel let down by the unfinished state the game released in, and that, for a lot of people, begins to turn to hate, and player counts are dropping. Personally, I only play AoE2 though, so I don’t really care what happens to AoE4, that’s just some of the reasoning behind those kinds of statements.


This game could be great. I’m a pathetic optimist by nature, I’ve gotten everything I could out of this game by now. I just want my elephant Civ to have it’s fixes and for the power to never play archipelago again.

After today, having gotten several water maps in a row vs only French players, I have decided to take a break until the next patch.


I played aoe2 like 20 years ago. I tried to pick it up about 2 years ago again and felt it was tuckered out.

I don’t get the idea of aoe4 being unfinished. Yeah there’s some bugs, I’ve got to imagine they’ll be patched. What else is unfinished about it?

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I love the game and enjoy it every day but it lacks some very basic features that were in every other AOE game that makes you surprised it launched without them under this series name. Choosing your own colour, revealed map at end of game, enemy AI named after historical figures of that faction, map editor, being able to choose your own custom pop limit, being able to play any map size with any number of players. Probably a few more too. If this game came out on disc in 2009 or something it wouldn’t be acceptable but luckily we’re in the age of online patches.


There are a heap of bugs, a low level of communication from the devs, even before the holidays, balance is badly off for some things, and a lot of missing features from the other AoE games, among other things.

If they don’t patch some broken nonsense next week or two, then this game will deteriorate quickly. RTS fanbase is limited. We will flock to play Warhammer 3 Total War next month, so this game is gonna take a hit to begin with. If they fail to fix fire lancers, then people will slowly quit team games (as I for the most part have). If they don’t fix mongols and rus, avid 1v1 playerbase will quit en masse also. Steam charts show that the playerbase is already trickling.

Slowly but steadily, this game is losing active playerbase and it’s barely 3 months old. This is not a good sign.

It just needs a zoom that goes much farther out, and a re-designed UI that is like the olden days of AoE, then I’m in.

Obviously, there are a couple more current ‘issues’ that are heavy hitters for me (only 200 max pop count, and some audio stuff), but I’d have to assume 500 max pop would come at some point relatively soon, and hopefully audio adjustments. (400 would normally be fine, but the fact that siege, elephants, etc. annoyingly (imo) take up 2+ population spaces means I need 500 max pop.)


I just want my Elephant’s Civ to be free from bugs and to have all of the general, basic, bog standard, run of the mill, present in 9/10 RTS, features added to this game.

It is so easy for losers to be attracted to losing. Let them. AoE4 is a great game and if the developers support it, it will remain popular.

I have a feeling that when the game gets more polished then more sponsors will be more interested in hyping the game/ running tournaments. Not that SteelSeries running one wasn’t great. But for example if they could integrate something along the lines of Capture Age’s spectator interface and get Empire Wars going, RedBull would probably host aoe4 tournaments.


do not u see the irony in ur own words?

Help from CaptureAge team to make spectate?
(for reference CA team used to work without any code with original aoe2… original engine did not support 1080p, that’s why). But CA for new game?
EmpireWars? Seriously? EmpiresWars were introduced to “fix” long dark age. New game need a new mod? How about make a great game, where u need not to throw DARK AGE into trash

The irony is that ur “proposal” should be done already by devs.
And that’s why people complaining…

If you do not use keyboard to play, or never played in other RTS games(on good level).
u will never understand because you see stuff in the game and think that it should be as it is.
you think that some bug is a feature. But unfortunately it is just another bug or cutted the corner.

A lot in the other threads, but i give you example:

  1. Select all army from whole map
  2. A-click into the unit
  3. if targeted unit died - all army will stop. (collect ur units on the whole map again)

We can have an argument is it Okay or not… but the problem, that you do not see that kind of things if you have no experience with RTS games.

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I’m glad AoE4 brings you joy but confused why you feel the necessity of couching it in a false dichotomy. To me, the game sincerely is shallow and boring. I’m not sure what else to do with that good faith reaction other than wait patiently on the sidelines for future content that feels more enjoyable to me.


I use the keyboard. Qq =house, qa farm, qr mine wq blacksmith with vill selected. a is attack, s stop. I’ve heard ppl say that it’s an attempt to be intuitive, in reality it is intuitive. Four fingers for four rows of buttons.
I’m not saying the game doesn’t have bugs. Delhi not bracing their spears with attack move is bad. That thing where buildings bug and sometimes don’t build when told to. And mongols are pretty damn good, sure. All that can be fixed.
As for player numbers, as hype fades population fades too. Nothing to fret about unless you’re playing games just to stream.

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I’m used to clicking one button for a building (H for house, F for Farm, etc.), and doubling that number is always going to be a step backwards for me. I don’t plan to play the game until I can set it that way.

The army stopping after a unit is killed makes since, I usually shift click a few units I want to have due.
An attack click right behind what you want to kill will help with that problem too.
dismissing me as not having played other rts… can’t say I was the biggest fan of them, I did play sc2, and all the aoe games. That’s my suspicion thou, that sc2 fanbois want everyone to play the game they like and just wreck on aoe4

It is bogus you cannot keybind stuff. That is basic. I’ve wondered that myself

The devs said they would fix this. And zoom. So I’m going to let them do so before I play. I’m also going to wait until there is a civ that is interesting and immersive like those of AoM, AoE3’s expansion packs, and AoEO.

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I provided the example. To listen or not up to you.
Your example with hotkeys shows that u did not understand. Aoe4 the very first game with that kind of hotkeys. To understand why people whining for hotkeys you need experience with other games.
As proof, that it should be fixed: devs are fixing it.(in road map).

Other problems can be not obvious for others, but it does not mean that they do not exist, because you used to it.

aoe2 game has patrol.
But 80% of QoL complains u can see in every other RTS game.

And on top of that balance issues on holidays, there people play a lot and became tired of current meta.

PS the best sales before christmas… the most complains on holidays.

Can you explain that last bit more? What is it about AOE4 civs that you find less immersive vs AOM, AOE3 and AOEO? What about the civs in those games was more immersive?

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Keybind your units bud. I don’t understand your point I guess. Lol. You ctrl 123 your army right?