Age 4 the age of mongols only

Fix the freaken game, there is no point in ever trying to play or compete in this game when you play on the ladder and 80 percent of the games are mongols tower rushing. There is no civ no strategy involved in countering it. Even if you defend the tower rush you are 100 percent behind and the mongols player just goes fc and crushes anything you have. balance the game its really disgusting. There are 8 civs, i cant play the game because there is only 1 civ that trumps all other civs. i have completed every mastery i have played over a thousand games. the game would be great if only there was a balance patch. Should i have to play on a smurf account to play against non mongols players all day? is that good for the community for higher elo players to stomp beginners? i don’t think so. I would love to see the developers point of view after he plays against mongols tower rush every single day for over a month almost all day. only the top 100 players do not mongols tower rush because even they are bored of it and even they understand that its a completely broken strategy and civ and there is no fun in winning all of the time. I can do the same thing but is it enjoyable to play the same civ over and over and over. absolutely not. All of the tournaments are currently based off seedings on the ladder so what is everyone doing? they are playing mongols on their main account and smurfing to try to enjoy the other civs. so the top 400 players and more are constantly trying to get a good seed so what is the easiest way for them to achieve this goal. mmmmm Mongols tower rush oh wow so much skill . I dont care if im pretty toxic about what i am saying because somone has to talk about it and tell it how it is. this game at the top level is trash and it needs to be fixed. fix the game please and rush the patch stop procrastinating and dreaming about other civs and other updates and new features. nobody cares about cool new features. the game must be playable first.


Do you even lift bro?


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You know the england ?
Let’s charge and be defeated in Era 2, we can have a new game

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