Age change for Long Range Infantry Hitpoints card

Currently the German civilization has a card at age 4 Long Range Infantry Hitpoints.
I would like the age of the Long-range infantry hitpoints card to be changed to age 2.

Reasons for the change:
1 - The civilization of France has exactly the same card at age 2.
2 - Non-team cards, which increase the unit’■■■■■ points or increase the units’ attack are allocated at age 2.
3 - The card increases crossbowmen’■■■■■ points, however at age 4 - No one uses crossbowmen, but skirmishers, so if the card remains at age 4 it is useless for crossbowmen.
5 - Crossbowmen are possibly the worst unit in their class, so the card would not make them very strong by far.
6 - Germany is one of the least attractive civilizations to play at age 2.
7 - Here it is worth remembering that with this card at age 2, it would take the place of some important card from age 2 on the player’s deck.
8 - Similar changes were made at the time of the EP and the Germany card was not changed because it was modified its bonus, to make it more consistent with age 4, but this change was reversed.
9 - If this card remains at age 4 it will remain useless, because it is much more advantageous to send any other economic card than just 15% of the infantry’s long-range hit points.

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I play Germans often and while I agree it’s odd that it’s in Age 4, I don’t agree Germany is weak in Age 2.

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Maybe this card could be merged with hand infantery hit point at age 2 ? This would be similar to the dutch hit points card (aside fromt the fact that it’s a team card), boosting the hp of every infantery unit (pikeman, doppel, skirm and xbow).