Age iv, Age 4, The 4th Age, Age of Empires 4

I’m concerned with the naming of the game and the naming of the ages. Your marketing team seems confused too. Looking at the civilisation descriptions on, I’ve noticed many mistakes in the naming and inconsistencies. I don’t blame the mistakes, they simply highlight the confusing nature of naming the ages with numbers and then ALSO abbreviating the game name to the same format!

Here are my observations: Naming of the Ages has CLEARLY confused the team creating the game. The imperial age is sometimes referred to as “the fourth age”, or “the last age”, other times, “Age 4,” other times “Age IV,” which happens to also be what you call the game! Please be careful with this. It is confusing and not intuitive. I’d say just stick with the names from Age of Empires 2 (also referred to by your team as Age II. So confusing!)