Age IV gets free 2 civs, Age III gets massive patch. Where is our anniversary update?

I though that Age II would also get anniversary patch. But we didn’t get anything!


We get the Return of Rome DLC :confused:


It is for AoE1.

Where is our update?


you will get update right after red bull, probably tuesday?

Who needs updates when you have michi in map pool


Well its an AOE2 Dlc. So technically thats what you get.


Without a PUP first? I don’t think so.

Next patch will be in January (maybe end of November, but doubt it)

We get Romans, LOL.

I know that, if a Mayan vs Mongolian fight in Indonesia is ridiculous, then a Ancient Egypt vs United States Army is even worse; but I guess it’s easier to just grab the units & place them in the game engine.
They have the architechture, the units, even the wonders … they are just recycling.

I do hope we get to have a specific list of civs a lot of people have been asking for, but the unique advantage that AOE II DE has is that the community will keep buying & playing, regardless of their decisions.

Other games, including AOE I, AOM & AOE III don’t have that advantage. Even Halo lost popularity for ignoring their fanbase: people just stopped playing. But AOE DE II base is so good that even if they added Atlantis with water units, you will still watch Viper vs Hera in the Red Bull.

In fact, we already know what to do with Rome: Romans vs Barbarians without Byzantines or Teutons having to dress as Western Romans. Huns, Goths, Celts & Franks do have a legit gameplay against Romans. If you don’t like it, you will still stage Britons vs French or Spanish vs Turks.

What if I just don’t like AoE1. It will still play as AoE1, not like AoE2.

Honestly, I’m a little disappointed too. Although it is a AOE2 DLC, it’s not really related to the AOE2 timeline and if everyone’s assumption of it being a separate game mode, it adds no gameplay value to existing AOE2. I would rather have a 2 Civ DLC announcement over this TBH.


@azwadkm22 Exactly my thoughts. Couldn’t have described it any better .

Noone forces you to buy the DLC or even play it.

Have some feelings for Age1DE
Without it you wouldnt have Aoe2
And they are the ones with the dead game, let them enjoy a bit too.
Aoe2 has enough copy & pste civs.


Return of Rome should have been a DLC for AoE1DE (maybe even adding a few new civs to AoE1).


They promised balance changes so an anniversary patch is pretty much confirmed.


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In their roadmap, they did mention a new DLC for AOE2 in 2023. My guess is around the first three months. By then, it would have been almost 12 months since the release of the Dynasties on India DLC.

I’m new to this, so how does a PUP work? This does say that they have “more balance changes” which I assume is a patch, during fall. There isn’t much of fall left now.

Basically an early access to the new (upcoming) patch. If there is a PUP available, you can download it from steam and see all the changes - balance, maps, campaign, AI, UI everything.

Steam → Right click on the game icon → properties → Betas → Select Beta

I see. Then that might come out some time this month.