Age IV - Technical Stress Test Announced!

I just got it!

Have you go to the shop AoE4 store page and press the button: Request Access ?

So I guess I just have to wait it out :frowning: Could you please post a screenshot on how it looks like?

Normally you don’t need to create a new account.
Just to deeinstall the earlier closed beta built before.

Till you press the request Access, you will not see the game to your account.

have you particiapted in the beta? Just delete the aoe4 beta folder… I did that and right after that it appeared on steam for me: Uninstalling the Age of Empires IV Beta - #3 by ArcKistan

man, the AoM attack warning sound is soooo annoying more than raising attention to defend, i hope they change it.

I already had done it right after the closed beta ended.

Hey soz this is prob in the wrong place, is there a place to increase the game speed i find it ever so slightly slow

If you haven’t received access, try requesting access on an different steam account. It seems to be the quickest workaround at the moment

Guys I don’t like the game … it doesn’t look good.They didn’t make it at all.
Animation. Those arrows it’s awful.

And after 10 games, I don’t even enjoy the game.

I respectfully disagree. I think the game is great.

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Yeah and what is great …
For the year 2021, it is very little.

I just received acces to open beta but i cant run the game because i have this …

The button says “buy” and when i click it send me to store page and nothing happen

@PagedAbyss77455 this has been solved here WORKING FIX for getting to download beta on Steam - #7 by Nicoji2678

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Game just downloaded. Good gaming to everyone, see you in 3 days.

Noting on steam yet. Still waiting -_-

does anybody know, how to use the improved zoomlevel? i wanna see more - but there is no option to zoom out more :frowning:

Just scroll?
It worked just fine for me.

yeah, but they told us the improved it - so how can i zoom out more? my camera just moves a bit in and out.

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