Age IV - Technical Stress Test Announced!

Age of Empires IV Technical Stress Test

Hello All,

We recently announced that Age of Empires IV will have a Technical Stress Test from September 17th-20th PT. Read more about it on our Announcement Blog.

Some quick FAQ Items:

  1. The official forums for the Technical Stress Test are open.
  2. Pre-sign up is available via the Xbox Insider Hub now; more information to come on Steam. You can sign-up anytime before the preview’s end date.
  3. Please report bugs & issues on the official forums.
  4. Preview will be available for downloading after 10am PT (5pm UTC) on Friday, Sept 17th.

Even more info can be found on our Support FAQ pages.

UPDATE: MS Store version is available for download now. Steam pre-registrations have fully rolled out; please check the Age of Empires IV Technical Stress Test Product in your Steam library. Thank you!


Great! another time to put the game to a test…


Great news will definitely be fun to play aoe 4 again


There will be more betas?

“The Technical Stress Test will contain only a portion of what Age of Empires IV will have to offer at release and more opportunities to showcase Age of Empires IV will be in the near future.”


Thank you @Licidy !

We, the player base, love you alot.

Happy to se a active DE.


So people can stream the stress test I guess.


oh ■■■■ … here you go again xD

Soooo…basically an open beta

  • Changes to the camera distance. Based on closed beta feedback, we have tweaked the maximum distance that the camera can zoom out. This allows for more visibility on-screen while you play.

Thank god.


Question - can we expect any thread with Dev response to closed beta/ forum feedback/ received surveys?
Not even in the context of the game in its v1.0 state, just in general going forward.

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Finally people can stop being pessimistic.


Hello folks!

They just sent this information out (Make Your Mark On History with the Age of Empires IV Technical Stress Test – Age of Empires) and they also mentioned that they changed the zoom out issue provided from the CB forums along with other things!

This will be open for everyone and no NDA as well which makes it possible for you to speak on the forums about it.


Against all odds, they’ve actually been listening to our feedback.


They’ve shown again that they can listen which is super good for the community :slight_smile:


Well, it will be seen during the open stress test beta whether they increased the maximum zoom level enough.


Can we at least appreciate that they did in fact listen to the feedback around the zoom out issue? Yes you are right we will see once we try it this weekend, but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt in this case.

I for one thought they would never address this issue but they did so that’s a good thing and if it isn’t what people want it, I’m sure they will continue to polish it until it is good.


Sounds like the devs are listening to what the players suggested which is good


Due the nature of this version “stress test”, i Hope developers improved the textures and not only the zoom. Many feedbacks in the closed beta were related to textures.

We’ll see.

I would not have interest to play with those textures.


That would indeed be a nice addition to the game but I highly doubt that this will be the case unless they have done that behind the scenes without telling us about it.

If they ever do this then it will most likely come post-launch with a DLC patch update or something like that. They listened regarding the zoom-out concerns, who knows they might do the same here but this requires probably more work than just changing the zoom-out capacity.

My body is ready!! HRE and and Abassid Dynasty let’s go!