Age IV vs Age of Mythology EE

This thread is not meant to aggravate Age IV players, but rather to highlight some of the great points of Age of Mythology EE that Age IV lacks, in hopes that some of the ideas that make AOM EE great could be incorporated, or maybe players will play/try out AOM EE in addition to Age IV. For all of the points listed below AOE IV is inferior and could use some improvement. (I did not list areas where AOE IV is superior, because there is no need for any modification for those areas obviously).

  • Tons and tons of unique and interesting units.
    Starting from as early as the second age, each ‘civ’ has access to unique mythological units. They can do all kinds of cool stuff, such as throwing other units, turning enemies to stone, eating enemies, repairing each other, a fire breathing flying dragon!, jumping over things, poisoning other units, bashing other units so they fly away, hitting other units with piercing rays of light, flying, flying and transporting and all of the strategical implications of that. On top of that, the Greek, Norse, Egyptian, and Atlanteans all have super different regular units with really distinct, different and interesting designs. Also, some units can fly, so not only do you have regular units and their counters, you also have myth units and flying units and their counters as well. You even have the ability to create a gigantic titan unit (which looks different depending on which civ you have) which totally kicks butt!

  • Asymmetrical civs.
    Each of the four (five if you count Chinese) have vastly different units and play very differently. For example Greeks have the most powerful ‘normal’ units, while Norse units are designed for raiding and then pulling back. Atlanteans have super villagers which don’t require supply drops and gather extra efficiently. Even though ‘Thor’ and ‘Loki’ have the same regular norse basic unit types, they have access to different bonuses and different myth units which further differentiate the civs. So there are effectively 12 (15 counting Chinese) different civs.

  • Lots of options:
    A button to enable lifting the zoom level restrictions to enable zooming out more, mod support, Night and day and weather options

  • God powers.
    Really cool and creative effects such as switching a unit over to your side, natural effects such as an earthquake or hurricane, teleporation effect, the ability to open a transport gate between two points on a map, ability to have trees attack, ability to create spider traps.

  • Realistic looking units.
    Despite being myth units and the game being old the units and buildings look really cool realistic and nice. They are very fun to use. If you have all of the graphics options enabled and the unlock camera zoom enabled and use a high quality monitor, the game looks very very nice.

Blockquote Asymmetrical civs.> Blockquote

This is the approach AoE3 tried with the expansion civs. However, this increased uncesesarily the complexity of the game, to the point we started losing readibility. Ex Many units use spears, some of them have bonuses against cavalry (pikemen), but there are also others that work like a musketeer (the gascena), other works like a ranged cavalry unit at range but as heavy cav in melee (eagle knights). There are even units that don’t use spears that have the same profile as pikemen.

Here the assymetry its handled more in favor of the players, Each faction has a base rooster of units, tweaked by unique units and certain uncommon unit types (horse arches for example). Also, the mechanics related to base building are a neat way of introducing assymetry between factions without affecting the unit roosters

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