Age of Build Orders - A Build Order Maker and Compilation Site

Hello! I’m working on a build order compilation and editor site for Age of Empires 4, and I’d love to gather some early feedback.

AoE4 is admittedly my first Age of Empires game, and so I’m not particularly sure what standards there are for build orders but I think I managed to capture the main essence in my site.

You can see some sample ‘builds’ I created in the site, as well as a ‘builder’ which should give you an idea as to how the editor/builder would work. However, I’m not sure how to best allow users to add build orders.

Regardless, I’d just love to get some early feedback and what people in the community thinks of build order formats.

The link to the web app:


Most importantly, I think it’s a type of resource that many newer players could use to correct issues with their start that aren’t so obvious, as knowing what not to do in the first 5 minutes is crucial.

I’d include notes, sparingly, such as, “don’t take your workers off berries if Khan is firing on them, use your scout to chase him away…”

Man really nice stuff.
There are so many cool web sites coming up lately.