Age of Empire 2 DE Connection Issues

edited - DE not HD, Mbps not Mb/s
When playing Age of Empires 2 DE on my desktop computer recently it pauses and then catches up after around 10-20s. This happens every 5-10mins whilst playing, very inconvenient when luring a boar.

The last couple of times it has paused for longer and says “reconnecting”
Once it crashed out completing saying connection to Steam had been lost.

I checked my internet connection and it was fine, my speedtest in browser game me 30Mbps download and 0.09Mbps upload.

Any advice on how to troubleshoot this?

Not helpful, but if you can, why not just get AoE2 DE? It’s a lot better.

I’m not an expert on internet connectivity and I’m not sure how much mulitplayer services need to run smoothly, but 0.09 mb/s upload is pretty low. For comparison, I just did a speed test and I have 12 mb/s upload.

Edit: sorry, i have 12 mbit/s upload. not sure how that translates to mb/s.

That should be 1.5 mb/s according to an online converter.