Age of empire 4 topic forum statut

I looked at timberborn forum and i compare it to age of empire 4 forum.

Timberborn forum has way more clarity then age of empire 4 forum.

Every topic can be voted up and community manager can update statut on what the developper are doing real time about the topic.

Maybe upgrade Age of empire 4 forum, for bether community and developper interactions.

What is a ‘forum statut’?
What do you even mean by ‘upgrading’ the forum? Using some other platform and engine, introducing some particular features? Timberborn is one game in a specific state and it makes sense to have that approach. I’m not sure how having one list of topics for AoE (and not only!) brand would improve things. Also I’m pretty sure Reddit already exists. On top of that I don’t see any glaring issues that should be fixed. Never had any issue with browsing and functionality.

The only thing that comes to mind is rather unclear descriptions of the requirements for earning some badges.

Also not sure what you mean by ‘improving dev interactions’, since devs by large do not engage here, at least not officially - I can recall maybe two accounts with red ‘Dev’ status.


Here a few pictures of timberborn forum.

The developper do not need to realy interact whit the comunity, it is the comunity manager that update the statut of a discussion room, depending on what developper are doing and bring people feedback when time comme.

I can see this used in Age of Empire 4 Forum, even turn all the forum of aoe at the same time.

It still isn’t fully clear what you want to say but I guess you’re using a translator.
About Timberborn - it is a indy game. Mechanistry is self-publishing it. It’s a early access title. These devs have chosen that approach to the development and community around the game. This is not a forum owned or created by Relic.

Age of Empires IV is/has none of these things so it won’t happen. If you’re looking for a game with a roadmap shaped by the community - look elsewhere because Age of Empires IV is a finished game. It will be released in few weeks.

For games of this type and on this scale - an official forum like this is rather a rare occurrence. Let alone something like in Timberborn.

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