Age of Empires 1/2/3 campaigns and scenarios in chronological order [Updated for Dawn of the Dukes]

Here’s my spreadsheet of all campaigns and scenarios in chronological order now updated with the Dawn of the Dukes campaigns (also the African Royals scenarios from AoE3)
I also added some links to the wiki for every campaign, civilization and expansion.


Good job!


Thanks! why the image tho?

To give a sample of the content.

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So AoE covers ~8700 yrs
AoE2 covers ~1200 yrs
AoE3 covers ~455 yrs
AoE4 covers ~800 yrs

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AoE1 is more like ~2700 yrs imo since I think the early part of the Egyptian tutorial barely counts since it doesn’t really depict real events


Do all campaigns / scenarios have a historical background?

All of them (aside from Age of Mythology) have at least a historical setting and most are based on real events:

AoE1: Mostly historical, there are some things like the Trojan War that were believed to be mythological, but fairly recently historians found out it was probably real,

AoE2: Almost 100% there are some events in the scenarios that were invented for sidequest or plot reasons (The tutorial campaign famously ends with William Wallace wining the battle of Falkirk, which is just wrong) or gunpowder units and crossbows appearing earlier than they should (for example, you shouldn’t have conquistadors in El Cid) but they are mostly for gameplay reasons.

AoE3: From most historical to least historical
Historical Battles: 100% historical as their name implies (The Afircan Royals ones too)
Japan campaign: 100% historical too (afaik)
India, Fire and Shadow campaigns: The protagonists are not historical, but the battles and events depicted are.
Blood and Ice: These depict some historical events, but most of the plot revolves around a mystical fountain of youth and some Assassin’s Creed level stuff about secret societies that want to find them.
Steel: Same as the previous ones, but this is the worst about anachronisms (Simon Bolivar appears at the same time as Inca empire, the Railroad expansion in the US and the Mexican-American wars)
China: This one is the least historical of all imo (yes, even worse than the fountain of youth thing) the fleet the campaign revolves around is real, but this campaign is based on a conspiracy that the Chinese reached the Americas first and has you fighting the Aztecs.

Even if they are not 100% historical they are still fun tho, I even love AoE3 weird conspiracy stuff personally and they are still can be considered historical fiction


I love your notes on these as well, it’s very cool to see which large-scale events are covered in which campaigns! :slight_smile:


I would add these comments to the sheet
I guess it will be good to know the historical accuracy of each scenario
Great job BTW

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I need to figure out a way to integrate it into the list organically, but yeah, I was thinking the same while I wrote it