Age of Empires 2 civilizations - roadmap for the future

(note: I am not opposing fixing the current issues :cheaters and bugs :smiley:)

If we have learnt anything about AOE2, it is that “More the civs the better”.
There is nothing to lose with more and more civs covering more and more of the world.

For the LONG TERM, The game must go on, and people should be entertained with new stuff, that’s what matters.
NOT disputes over historical similarities between civs
OR over why this or that civ is insignificant.

I hereby propose 65 total civilizations for the long term of AOE2 by the time the last expansion arrives.
These 30 New Civs is the least number I can be satisfied with. Once we reach this milestone, no one will feel some group is excluded and everyone will become satisfied and love the game!

I will try to be as neutral in my civ additions as possible and everyone will get representation.
P.S. Please do not oppose this on the bases of “AI names” , remember that Mongols once had Tatar AI names and Editor Heroes too
List by architecture set from west to east.

Native American - Aruacans, Mapuche
Western European - Burgundians, Dutch
Central European - Finns, Swiss, Bohemians
Eastern European - Poles, Georgians, Armenians
Mediterranean - Croatians, Vlachs
African - Songhais, Swahilis, Congolese
Middle Eastern - Nubians
Central Asian - Afghans
South Asian - Palas, Marathas, Kannads, Tamils, Sinhalese, Oriyas
South-East Asian - Siamese, Polynesians
East Asian - Jurchens, Tibetans, Tanguts, Khitans, Taiwanese

This will make the game amazingly addicting and allow it to depict the whole medieval world in its vibrant colours, without leaving any group behind.

ANSWER TO TYPICAL COMPLAINTS : Those who will complain of “balancing 65 civs will be so hard” etc, remember that we already have as many as 35 civs, and they are being well balanced, it shows how even after doubling the number of civs, we can still handle all of them and balance very effectively! TheViper said the game is at its best in balance despite having double the civs.

Those who complain of “Too much change”, “Too ambitious”, don’t forget the AOE2 scene was dying before the Forgotten team revived it, and that was by ONLY ONE method, by bringing more civs to represent more prople.

Geographical locations for some of the more difficult to understand civs :

Mapuche - South Chile chief rival of Incas,
Aruacans - Caribbean(the ones Columbus found, within Aoe2 period)
Nubians - Inland Egypt + Sudan (not covered by Berbers or Saracens, but still Middle Eastern architecture),
Vlachs - Romanians (with Roman-esque architecture),
Swahilis - Tanzania+Mozambique, Different from the Congolese(Congo delta),
Khitans - Independent ethnic group between Mongols and Chinese,
Tanguts - Gansu + Xinjiang Province, Independent ethnic group between Tatars and Chinese
NOT covered by current Indians list :
Palas - East India + Bangladesh + Northeast India(Asom), look at the size of this uncovered area,
Marathas - Central India (Deccan Plateau + Gujarat + Chandela) enemy of Muslims and Delhi Sultanate(current Indians), guerllia warfare for centuries vs them,
Kannads - Vijayanagara (SW India) rivals of Tamils, and also huge GDP,
Oriyas - Orissa (Central East India) Completely Independent ethnicity since forever (Kalingas),
Tamils - Chola (SE India) rivals of Kannads, and also huge GDP,
Sinhalese - Sri Lanka, obviously independent ethnicity, and also very significant with huge GDP,
Afghans - NOT covered by Persians, Indians or Saracens (Persians does have an afghan AI name, but really, is that enough to do justice to this civ??? Mongols had Tatar AI names too). Far more significant in Middle ages than it is today, as today 50% of it is under Pakistan.

NOTE 1 (“INDIA”) : Current “Indians” effectively only covers Northwest India (Rajputs+Mughals=Delhi Sultanate). It does not attempt to cover Bengal, Assam(NE India), Sri Lanka, Tamils, Vijayanagara Empire(Kannads) or the Deccan (Marathas) who were all entirely independent empires and ethnicities. India did not exist, not in anyone’s hearts.

NOTE 2 (“CHINA”) : Current Chinese also, similarly, only covers Eastern China , and does not attempt to cover Manchuria (Jurchens), Inner Mongolia (Khitans) , Taiwan, or Gansu + Xinjiang (Tanguts)

NOTE 3 (Why is Bantu missing?) : Because Swahili and Congolese are Bantu peoples.

NOTE 4 (Why is Iroquois missing?) : Iroquois founded in 16th century, out of aoe2 period.


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