[Poll](Updated) Which civs would you like to see in the game? (All popularly requested civs included)

Sinhalese are as Indian as Indians, not only culturally but also genetically.


Yes they are totally Indo-Aryan with Dravidian minority

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oh, must have had some misinformation,
i thought that they had a cultural split since they were on the island
still im not sure which architecture suits them best
indian, or SE asian

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Well that’s a difficult choice since they have concrete slanted roofs, their older architectures do look like from the subcontinent after all they are the same people, but they are also Buddhist but they don’t have those large stone faces like in Khmer Architecture. @Mahazona should tell us the right decision. :slight_smile:

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Here’s a sinhala wonder made by AbeJin shared by Mahazona here: https://aok.heavengames.com/blacksmith/showfile.php?fileid=13543
It is for the conquerors version.
By it’s looks it looks similar to Vietnamese Wonder and doesn’t seem to fit either Indian or South-East Asian Architecture. Sinhalese are something very unique. I think this is what led to you thinking that they are not very Indian.


But before we move onto those minor civilizations(<5 million population each) there are many more deserving old world civilizations like

Palas (40+ million population, 10% world’s GDP in middle ages, had all technologies, some of the biggest armies of mankind),
Dravidians (=Tamils+Vijaynagara+North Srilanka, Again 30 million population, another 10% world’s GDP in middle ages),
Oriya(10 million population IIRC, another 3% World GDP, Advanced in medieval technologies),
Swahili (10 milion again IIRC, huge landmass, big navy),
Kongolese (10 milion again IIRC, huge agrarian landmass with hierarchical medieval political system),
Zimbabweans (20 million population, 5% World’s GDP)

Remember I have myself campaigned for the two Nat am civs Aruacans and Mapuche

But these minor civilizations each with hardly any comparable Population (the above are >20 times more in Pop and GDP), Technology as well as GDP must come much later, after the more significant ones are covered.

Native american civs from north america region are quite deserving in my opinion, atleast the Iroquois. We also have a iroquois warrior unit in scenario editor. They can share the mesoamerican architecture if nothing.
Also South america needs some love, giving Inca a unique Architecture and some sister civs such as Chimu or Mapuche or Muisca that can share the Architecture.


I also want to see as many civs as posible. I would love to have 8 Nat ams too

But it should come only after India and Africa are covered properly, again because of the difference in sheer size and scale

Those who like to play Nat am civs, have AOE3 for it. It is a fact that the Nat ams were not open to other civilizations before that period.

Until 1500 they were not arranged in civilizational hierarchies of the scale required to form stable states.


But it will be nice to recreate the expansion of Incas throughout Andes defeating the neighboring civs.

It would, but moreso if these other civs were also significant in Population, Scale, and Size, aand if they actually had MEDIEVAL TECHNOLOGY.

Which is also why the major civilizations in India and Africa should be prioritzed

I think you should watch this documentary on the mighty Incas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfDdeNmZJY4


Didnt I specifically say the Incas and mesoamerica were a major civilization?

and what is your source for all this information?
GDP is a relatively new concept to the world (1900s and beyond), and according to this

the population of India was average around 100 million in the 1500s a far cry from the combined combined 270 million people you are making them out to be.

furthermore if GDP and Population was what they used to base on who deserves what, SE asia would have dominated the release of the game.

I’m not saying India doesn’t deserve more civs (provided they add them), i just completely disagree with the concept that they are the highest priority. Asia and Europe have lots of representation while Africa and North America (outside of Central America) have very little.

the first battle you have to realize is that even if they add more civs, they might not add that many more, and considering they have said they don’t want to add more, if they do, i doubt it would be the “Many civs” that some people want. if we only get 4 or 5 civs should they really be used on areas that already have high representation?

except AoE2 and AoE3 are completely different games with completely different styles of play. clearly i want to play AoE2.


I got affected by this, I was also surprised how it could be 250 million

But the point remains, as they were still like 40+ million

and no other civilization outside of Han or Indian ones come even close to that population in medieval ages, forget the nat am tribes

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and i asked him earlier in the thread, those are modern populations.

and if population is what mattered most, Asia would have dominated the original release of the game with all sorts of Civs, including India. but that isn’t what matters most.

check the percentage it made up out of the whole world.

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maybe so, but again, if population mattered as much as parthnan is making it out to be, why didn’t Asia dominate the original release civ wise?

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that’s what this thread is all about, requesting the under-represented regions.

they prioritised regions one after other in each dlc to include more and more civs.


It doesn’t matter what happened at release as long back in 1997 , now that in 2020 the markets across the world are open in gaming, all major civs across the world should be given representation
based on their historical size, scale, population, and historical GDP.

And that obviously includes the Tamils, the Lankans, the Kongolese, the Oriya, the Bengalis, the Zimbabweans and so on. It includes African and Indian civilizations


but India isn’t underrepresented though. sure, they got suckered with an umbrella civ just like China and the Slavs did, but if representing the under represented areas is what matters the most, then wouldn’t Africa be the highest priority?

except the first two DLC didn’t target an area. only the last 3.

  1. purely your own opinion.
  2. by this logic, South African civs should be the highest priority, seeing as they have zero representation.