Age of Empires 2 DE Campaign Bug Help

i playing now this campaign.
i dont have bronze medal on mission 4 because i used cheat codes.
i re play mission 4 without cheat codes but game not give me a medal.

how do i fix it?
otherwise how can reset campaign progress?

i delete this game and delete save, userdata files but didnt work.

in game screenshot :

This has happened to me too. I’ve replayed on various difficulties on the same maps and it still doesn’t fix it.

I have it going on on Saladin 2, Francisco 4 & 5, and a couple of others.

It even shows the medal on the Francisco de Almeida campaign, but it didn’t give me the Steam achievement.

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-This is a known issue. You can try opting into the PUP build to see if its fixed already there.