Age of empires 2 DE


aoe DE even though good graphics&music,the game misses the real gameplay strategy & units of aoe2.So it""ll be good to see aoe 2 DE around.
Don’t need much changes put aoe2 gameplay& units to aoeDE


AOE 2 DE is in the works. They announced such back when AOE 1 DE was revealed, and have since confirmed that it is still in development.
Likewise, AOE 3 is also in the pipeline.


Is there any news about the timeline of AOE DE??

Kinda strange that we didn‘t hear any news since last year august…


We know it’s in the works. That’s about it right now.


Can it be reasonably expected that the AoE II: DE will include The Conquerors in much the same was as AoE:DE contains Rise of Rome?

In addition, do you guys think that it may also include later expansions like the Forgotten Empires/Rise of the Rajas/African Kingdoms?


Yes, it will include all expansions, it was confirmed on a Microsoft stream.


Unfortunately there was an issue with saving the stream so only those who were able to catch it live heard the news.