Age of Empires 2: HD edition

Hi all,

I’m looking to get a new laptop but have zero knowledge of laptops. I know this forum is for DE but I play HD edition and couldn’t find a forum for that. I currently have a HP pavilion Windows 8 laptop and I’m afraid if I buy a HP windows 11 it won’t support the game…any suggestions for me?

TIA :slight_smile:

If you’re getting a new laptop, why not get DE as well? It’s way better.

I play HD edition with my father who is 65 years old and stuck in his ways :joy:

No worries. Every new Windows laptop should run the game fine.
As for specific Laptop recommendations, I guess we need to know a bit more about your main use-cases and favored features.
How much importance do you place on for example weight, battery life, size, specs, I/O, emissions (heat/noise), …
Also there are a lot of dedicated Laptop channels on youtube you could check for example Dave2D or MobileTechReview.
A good allrounder-machine is the Lenovo Ideapad 5 pro