Age of Empires 2 in a final paper

Hello guys, i live in Brazil and I’m a history student and I’m about to finish my
university, and I chose the theme ‘’ Age of empires, as a teaching mechanism ‘’ for my final paper, which in this case would be a method for a person to learn history in a fun and fluid way, but I need help, I need possible historical sources that Ms used in the game and derivatives, absolutely the sources of everything, I intend to use a couple of campaigns to use in my work and reference some others, so, if possible, everything that can help, I thank you in advance already

Any history source is welcome to help in my search

Olá pessoal, sou estudante de história e estou para terminar minha faculdade, e escolhi o tema ‘’ Age of empires, como um mecanismo de ensino ‘’ , que no caso seria um método para uma pessoa aprender história de uma forma divertida e fluída, porém eu preciso de uma ajuda, preciso de possíveis fontes histórias que a Ms usou no jogo e derivados, absolutamente as fontes de tudo, eu pretendo usar umas 2 campanhas para usar no meu trabalho e referenciar algumas outras, então, se possível, tudo que puderem ajudar, eu agradeço antecipadamente já

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I know that Spirit of the Law has a playlist on YouTube called “AOE2 vs History” or something like that. Those are quite interesting in my opinion.

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You have the history section in the main menu of both HD and DE games. If you need the sources they did use for that info, well thay might be way harder to get. If so, try to contact any administrator of this forum or Microsoft support

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A similar question was asked on the Age of Kings Heaven site: What history books did the AoK creators used as reference?

That should hopefully get you started in the right direction.
Sounds like a really interesting paper, hope it goes well!


You’ll probably be interested in the “Hollywood History” section of this article:


There is a AOE 2 making video too You may want to check that out too. Good luck dude, you got it :slight_smile:

Não esquece de depois postar pra gente o link com a tua pesquisa publicada quando terminar :smiley:

Isso vai demorar ainda, eu só to pesquisando por enquanto kk

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Tranquilo, sem pressa 11

i like this article, i really spent sometime reading a lot of information, but its for a great decision, thanks!

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