Age Of Empires 2: the Disconnect Edition

I have spend a lot of time struggling in the lobby: signing up with xboxs live, signing out again, restarting the game, restarting my internet, my laptop, everything, just to find which setting works best to succesfully launch a ranked teamgame.
When I go into the queue there were a few common issues:

  1. I click find match and a loading screen would pop u which wouldnt go away
  2. I click find match and the timer didnt start. it was frozen at 0:00:00. This happened after I got a game invite by a opponent who wanted to team up. I click accept but I didnt automatically go to the lobby. so I click multiplayer, and now I’m stuck in a matchmaking lobby with 0:00:00 and a ghost version of that friend. (I assume he moved on and I was just waiting in a dead lobby)
  3. I click find match, the timer starts ticking down and suddenly the timer stopped and I have to start queuing again. No popup, no warning message, nothing.
  4. I click find match, I wait 5 minutes, then the game just closes
  5. I click find match wait a few minutes and finally got a match, hoorah!

Now I go into the match and there are a few things that happen:

  1. loading screen takes a somewhat long time. The game loads and… ’ you have been disconnected’
  2. I play the game for a while, all good and suddenly everything starts stuttering. Sometimes a complete freeze and then I already know what’s gonna happen…
    2a) you have been disconnected
    2b) the game desynced
    2c) the game freezes and turns white when a popup ’ program not responding’ appears. I have to forcekill the program with task-manager
  3. hoorah! no disconnects so far! ‘teammate1 has disconnected’… well we’re screwed
  4. hoorah! no disconnects so far! ‘enemy1 has disconnected’ … well that ruins the fun
  5. hoorah! nobody disconnects. Oh yea my Rating dropped from all those disconnects, so I’m stuck with some players far below my skill level. Oh what did you say? some experienced/advanced people (15++) teaming up can still match against me and my noob buddies? (<1400) sure. gimme another loss thank you very much

Today, I played 10 teamgames in the ranked matchmaking.
I won one, it was fairly imbalanced
I lost one, it was fairly imbalanced
I gave up on two because teammates disconnected
I didnt even get to play another 2 because the game would crash upon start
I disconnected from another 4


P.S. I’m terribly sorry for the teammates and opponents I have faced today which had their game ruined because I disconnected. I wish there was a way to prevent this. I have done everything in my power to limit micro-failures in my internet but a ~1second loss of signal is enough to cause a disconnect. I wish the servers would be more tolerant to these small drops, or atleast I hope for a way for a game to be automatically saved (or manually, like the case in the legacy version).


It’s really a shame. Since the patch, I’d say that in about a third of my games, teamates or oponents drop in the begining of the game.

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Unable to finish games since the last patch. Completion is extremely rare unless the game finishes fast. The game freezes, goes into hyperspeed, and I lose my connection to the servers.


i have exactly the same problem. i’ve been recording my games and have 20 disconnects. i’m going to make a compilation video of disconnects.


Tried using a VPN, however unable to connect to steam servers when in AOE2. Was able to play a few without crashing but it’s still very common. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

same in febuary still cant finish a game try every fix ive seen so far

Imo the Age of Empires series really have a problem with disconnects. It’s not just AoE 2, but AoE 3 too. Hopefully AoE 4 comes with a reconnect function. Apparently that’s a thing impossible to implement for FE.

Still better than HD.