Age of Empires 20th Anniversary - Age of Empires

Age of Empires 20th Anniversary - Age of Empires

Today marks 20 years since October 15th 1997, the day that Age of Empires was first released. It’s been a long, crazy, amazing journey since then. I mean, just look at everything we’ve accomplished! Okay, so a few of those are still in the works, but you get the idea. We couldn’t have done any of … Continued

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Simply the best game franchise ever. Long live Age of Empires!

Age of empires are the one of my great memories about my childhood. Since 2005 I play at least 1 hour per week of one of these incredible games. Thank you age of empires team for this joy!

What needs to happen is the revival of the Legendary Age Of Empires Online, for many of us it was and still is the Best AOE game ever created, and its premature end is a dark mark on the whole AOE franchise; so please Microsoft give us this great game back again, no changes needed just open up the servers once more and allow us to play the epic, the legendary, AOEO.

For anyone wondering what this great game was I’ll just leave this here:

Are we going to get a Definitive Edition of Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds someday to?

Still waiting for that AOE:DE STEAM ANNOUNCEMENT!

Always that typical question, who’s your favourite movie hero etc? well these great people of ES and FE are my heroes!! =D

Happy 20th anniversary !

There was this cool Age of Empires chronology wall at gamescom, it would be cool if you release its pdf !

I really hope that AOE : DE Will be playable on steam and on W7

The AOE games are the best i ever played… keep up this good work!!!

was hoping for some reveal today or something for the new versions lol, was a long shot i guess! happy anniversary

Have been playing the AoE series for the past 15 years; will continue for the next 15 as well! Congratulations to all the developers on completing 20!

Some of my hair in my head has been greyed out, however this game’s growth doesn’t even show a blemish of being old. Guys over at Ensemble Studios shaped my teen years with their unforgettable games, whereas todays games have removed a fun factor with business. Have to say, I miss those days. Long live Age Series, Long live Ensemble Studios!!!

I completed my survey I have been waiting patiently for the definitive edition to come out and now it’s not and I haven’t been offered to play the beta PLEASE let me play the beta don’t make me wait PLEASE

RIP Age of Empire Online, I still wish you’d come back in one form or another.

@“Jack Pipsam” said:
RIP Age of Empire Online, I still wish you’d come back in one form or another.

Project Celeste?

:D, why is Castle Siege on there, that hardly felt like an Age of Empires game.

Hi, everybody
this game AOE is very interesting

Getting a new Age game (aside from the app ones) is one of the most fun parts.
The only thing better than trying it for the first time is playing Multiplayer with friends for the first time :slight_smile:

I’m glad they excluded Age of Empires: World Domination.