Age of Empires 3 Build Orders and Guides! - No Idle TC

Hi everyone!

I’ve been putting together a website dedicated to Age of Empires 3 DE since a few months. From fun to very competitive build orders, but also comprehensive guides, there should be (almost :slight_smile: ) everything you need to learn more about the game!

If you have any feedback or suggestions feel free, I already have a few stacked in my todolist tho!

Have a nice read,



Do you know this? :


Of course i do! Looking to bring a more beginner friendly approach tho :wink:


This is appreacited. I particularly like that you have a difficulty rating on your BOs. I think this is an overlooked aspect of many builds.

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Kenoky, this page is absolute GOLD!!
Been using it a lot in order to learn new civs and also how to become better with my main civs.
If something, I must say I appriciate the written “how to” rather than the vids from the tourneys as I am not always able to follow whats going on. On the other hand, I understand the time aspect of writing all this! :slight_smile:

We really need our favourite Aussie to hype your page more, as people dont know what they are missing! I heard about the page from him once, and if we could make him say “no-idle-TC” half the time he says “Redbull”, its a mission accomplished :wink: Haha!

So “F5” twice per day, scouting for some new Brits and Dutch goodies. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words <3 There is almost always the details btw :wink:

I need to clarify that as you are not the only one giving me that feedback ^^


This is also a good resource for beginner friendly Build Orders and strategies.


We are still waiting for you to teach us how to use the Iroquois well 212121

Thats the kind of website i would have love to know when i start playing aoe3.
It is a good idea and tbh you have been faster than i am !
I did work a bit on a kind of similar website but it is still in the startings bloc for like 3months, no time to really finish so no release for now… but maybe one day !
In any case it is a bit different (more minimalist like a kind of builds orders database) and the more contents there are the best it is for everyone so good work to you.


I am currently retired from the game so not for now :smiley:

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You Sir are an institution. Thank you for your Hard work (i’ve been following that Page since drongo mentioned it some weeks ago)