Age of empires 3 companion app appears to be shut down

Not sure what happened but the app doesn’t allow you to view your match details or history anymore. Last I checked you could still look up units and maps. But I had just started using it and really like it to look over match history and see how the match making is working ect… I saw on a steam discussion that the creator shut it down I believe they said dori, I don’t know who he is, is he a pro player or a content creator ?
Regardless it’s a shame the app doesn’t work. And it makes no sense why someone who made it would shut it down after all the work they put into it and the positive feedback.


App is absolutely great. I’d love to have it fully functional again. There is a thread on ESOC forum where someone tells a little bit more about why Dori abandon his work.

It was probably in a thread about permanent ban for Revnak, check there if you are interested.

Anyway app is simply spectacular, if there is any chance for creator to restore or continue his work it would be awesome. For sure there are many people who loves his work.


Just to chime in, I love the app too - I certainly home it will be picked up again in the future.

Dori is a Mexican web developer and programmer, he is also a content creator and he participated with me in doing events for the Hispanic community at the time. I understand that he had a conflict with the ESOC that tried to take over his application for which he had to change his license therefore there are some functions that may have been lost due to this, anyway he has told me not to complain to him and to respect his decision about the future of the application


Espero que me equivoque pero por lo que entiendo la pagina estará funcional hasta que se terminen las donaciones que recibió, le sale 5 dólares aproximadamente mensuales. Me duele mucho lo que sucede, y mas cuando se trata de miembros de la comunidad hispana. Nos quedamos sin un héroe y su obra maestra T_T


It would be cool if the actual game itself integrated some of the features of the app, especially when you browse games in spectator mode to be able to know which civs are in the match before joining it. As it is now, you have very little information to go on when deciding whether or not to spectate a game. At a minimum it would be nice to know which civs are in the match.

this is the thread i think.

the drama at the pro scene man


Indeed the shutting of Dori’s website is sad, but it is his personal decision. So I respect it. MS should really make API available for community to make tools like these.

Meanwhile for anyone looking for a similar tool, you can download Aoe3 companion on android phones from play store. That one still shows elo ladder and maps/civs etc.


El problema de esa app es que quedó desactualizada

I have the app on android but It doesn’t seem to let me see all the detail it used to on the desktop. Like the match details, what map it was each player their civ and elo next to their name, viewing the post game results after the match if you accidentally clicked off.

About two or three weeks ago, out of the blue, Dori said he’s done with AOE3 and was deleting his website, which obviously caused some consternation in the community. The code was all open-source on GitHub and under the fair-use Microsoft license, and ESOC had a branch, so within 24 hrs ESOC had a new site up and running. Then Dori got angry and basically said “it’s my code, respect me if I want to delete it”. He then turned the site back on so he could still get credit, and ESOC, playing it safe, took their version down. Dori then deleted anything he didn’t write from the website (including live stream links, civ grid data, ranked ladder info, etc ) and made the repo private.

It’s worth noting that while Dori is demanding people don’t use his code, since it was all open source and under Microsoft licenses, it’s perfectly legal to use it without his permission. The ethics and whatnot are debatable, but any new sites based on the code that was around before Dori made the repo private are completely legal.

The general (but not universal) opinion in the community seems to be that Dori’s decision to leave AOE3 is respected, but not to delete the website as it has grown far beyond his contribution and is quite useful for the community, and since it’s all open-source and licensed under Microsoft, there’s no leg to stand on to demand the code not be used. That’s where some of the Revnak drama has originated, as the community has been debating whether ESOC should use the code.

ESOC has indicated that they are working on a new website that will be independent of Dori’s code. The android app that Hellpunch has made has all the functionality of the old site and more (no, there will never be an Apple version, as Hellpunch has said that the fees to put an app on Apple’s app store are outrageous)


Interesting info there. I don’t know anything about this Dori but if what you say it true he sounds a bit whiney. Shame he doesn’t just leave the app up and let people use it even if he isn’t playing AoE 3 or anything anymore

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its updated to the recent patch :slight_smile:


Yeah, I personally find Dori’s actions rather petty and mean-spirited. All of Dori’s statements about the website and are on his discord server, and ESOC has all theirs on the ESOC discord server and the ESOC website; you can judge for yourself.

Dori was a fairly good player (I think 1500ish ELO), but the only content he produced was the occasional live stream; he mostly focused on his dev work for the website.

Can’t we respect his decision without slandering him? You can’t know everything he was thinking. We were lucky to have him. It is sad to see him go.

I’m interested to know why he left. Though, I can probably guess the reasons.

Perdón si le escribo por este medio pero no hago uso de Reddit. La App tiene los siguientes errores.
Españoles: falta imagen del envío (IV) Escuadra española
Portugueses: falta imagen del envío (II) Bandeirantes, (IV) Nossa Senhora da Conceicao
Otomanos: falta imagen del envío (IV) Mahmudiye
Italianos: Posee envíos de la basílica que no deberían estar presentes entre los envíos de la metrópolis. (II) 3 sacerdotes, 6 sacerdotes, 3 espías, 7 espías, 5 guardias pontificios, 7 guardias pontificios, 5 schiavoni, 7 schiavoni.
(III) 3 lanceros pontificios
(IV)3 Zuavos pontificios
Apartado mapas desactualizado, al bajar hasta tal punto comienza un área infinita en blanco.
Apartado civilizaciones, faltan políticos para diferentes civilizaciones.
Apartado Unidades militares, falta icono de Infantería de choque a distancia a todas las unidades que le contrarrestan

Thats because some tags didn’t have official icons in game as they were hidden while the app shows everything. The devs only recently added pics for missing tags.

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Dori took down the website permanently this morning. Until ESOC has a replacement, I recommend using the Android AOE3 app Hellpunch built.


I don’t get why he would have put all the work in to take it down because he doesn’t play the game anymore. At least leave up for the other players to use.


it costs money… ^-^ why would you invest money in something that you dont use