Age Of Empires 3 DE Needs

AoE3 DE Needs:

More theatres of war.

I would like to see two completely new theatres of war, maps set in Europe, so Historical European battles can be held as well as Maps set in AFRICA. As a citizen of South Africa, I want the Zulu civ to be added, which will allow you to fight as the British and Dutch , expanding ever northward from Cape Town all the way into Kenya, fighting and befriending the native peoples and encountering formidable foes such as the Zulu whom have strong, fast melee spear infantry called the Impi.

With added animals such as Lions, zebra and Elephants + hogs that attack villagers that shoot at them and don’t merely run away.

In game menu option:

To exit a battle, you should have two options:

1.SAVE & Exit (For when you want to return to the battle at a later stage.)

2.Resign / Surrender (For when you have been defeated and you wish to give up the battle.)

In selecting Save and Quit, it forces you to create a save that you have to continue later.

When you Resign/Surrender, the battle is gone indefinitely, can’t be loaded and your Home city LOSES experience points, the more battles/XP you lose, the more card options you lose until you either start winning battles again or when your options become so limited form your Home City, you are forced or REVOLT.


I want a Revolution to have a more severe effect on your home city, if you launch a Revolution and you win, you sometimes have to fight a battle against the mother city whom will try to squash your rebellion. If you Revolt and you lose the battle, for the next three games you should be given a bad deck of cards as default since the Mother city won’t support your colony as punishment for your actions.

But should you win, during the revolt and repel the home cities army, you can have extra perks, such as choose a better explorer, gain access to powerful hidden cards and you can alter the appearance of your Home city dramatically.

If you Revolt to frequently and you lose a battle against a counter revolt, you should receive a declaration of banishment from your home city and then lose access to play as that home city, forcing you to start from scratch with a new Home city.

Home City effects.

Add more customizations to the Home cities, such as Soldiers marching though the streets, Highlanders/Musketeers for the British, Skirmishers for the Frensh, Strelets for the Russians and so forth.

The more battles your colonies win, the more XP your city has, the more XP, the more security (Police and Soldiers) and well being your city has. That gives you better shipping cards.

The more battles you lose , the less XP your Home City has, the more run down your city becomes, buildings should close, wooden shutters should appear on disrepaired buildings that has lost the most shipping cards, less citizens walking about and robbers, mobs, beggars and filth should spawn at random intervals.

Until you win battles to improve XP and reinstall better living conditions, or you are forced to revolt. If your revolution is successful, you gain a new city with a clean slate and special shipping cards. However if you lose a revolt, you, lose the city and you receive a notice letter from the Home City a declaration of banishment from your home city and then lose access to play as that home city, forcing you to start from scratch with a new Home city.


The Blockade system can be expanded upon, the enemy European , Asain and Ottoman AI should attempt to blockade you more frequently but once you are blocaded, you can assemble a strong navy to break the blockade, but to research that should be extremely expensive.

Civ’s to be added:


2.Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth.




so rather than denmark or austria you’d rather have some country i am pretty sure just was part of the holy roman empire and did nothing the entire periode, seems weird.

Zulus weren’t a thing in this time periode, the game ends about the same point the zulu kingdom first established itself.

i think blockade should just be removed honestly, it doesn’t add anything positive to the game.

this seems unnecessarily convoluted, it seems like you dont play MP at all? cause this would not work or make sense in that, in fact i dont think this belongs in the game, periode.


THIS. You may look like an asshole completely breaking op’s ideas, but you are right in every single point. This is aoe3, a game where each battle lasts 15min to 1 hour, not a game like eu4 or civ.
about the revolutions… wtf? just… just ask for a american independence war campaign, that makes more sense.


Denmark and Austria would be brilliant, as I said, I want a European theatre added with more Europen Factions as well as an African theatre added, with African civs. From the Zulu in the south (Whom faught intense battles aginst the Dutch/Frensh setlers in South Africa (Battle of Blood River) as well as against the British (Battle of Isondwala) all the way up to the Berbers in North Africa. Cowboys/outlaws, railroads, hot air balloons, rocetry all aspect included in AoE3 that was from a time period later than the Zulus so by the way.


I don’t care for the history of the Yanks, I’m more interested in the battles in Europe, for instance the French Revolution. Napolions part during all the chaos in the Frensh cities and how he came to power. Once again, I want a European theatre. The Home city can still be used as current, to send rienforcements and such to the front line.

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I was thinking that it would be interesting though to have a single player mode similar to Civ or EU4 where it is more about a global theatre where you pick and choose where to fight, and that one could set parameters for how many games/civs/locations there are and expand your empire. I mean I find this plausible considering many people(including myself) who played a home-city up to the 100s.


The main issue I had with Age of Empires 3 was the lack of unit controls, formations, aggression settings, and general useful and convenient commands for units. The game required too much micro for someone paralyzed like me. It became very frustrating so I ended up giving up on the game.

That’s why when a game like Steel Division 2 offers lots of nice controls for units it instantly becomes one of my favorite games right away.


Welp, basically you want to play Wars of Liberty


Yes! I would love to play exactly that,without the haste of manual mod instalation and loosing existing civs in the process. I want everything in Wars of liberty but in the base game.

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I don’t know but I need a trailer or screenshots of AOE III DE, please :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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You’re completely wrong. Zulu kingdom was established in 1816, sixty years before the end of the AoE3 timeline. And if we compare them with another, already available nation - Sioux, we can see that Zulu fit well into the game period:

The most famous leader - Shaka (1787-1828).
The most famous conflict - Anglo-Zulu War (1879) with Battle of Isandlwana (1879).

Leader in game - Gall (1840-1894)
Last confict in campaign - Great Sioux War (1876) with Battle of the Little Bighorn (1876).

So there is no problem with the game timeline, especially that there are also some other conflicts from the second half of XIXth century, like Sepoy Mutiny (1857) in Indian campaign.


you are extremely right about the revolution. Switzerland will be an odd addition to the gameplay due to the fact that had almost no wars in their history.
I didnt like the new fact that iroquois,sioux and aztecs can NOT convert crocodiles, bears and other animals in early game. I loved them and they were extremely useful in my opinion

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For me the best new nation would be Polish-Lithuanian commonwealt - except for Russia and Ottoman Empire it was the biggest country in Europe. Main opponents from these times - swedes and ottomans and a lot of big battles. It would fit perfect for AOE3 because we have swedes and ottomans, and the most charcteristic unit of this country - Hussar with wings, one of most dangerous cavalery of these times. Lets read about golden polish age its very interesting.


Another Civ that I would like to see in the future would be the Tuareg tribes of North Africa. As well as the late Persian dinasties and Afghans, allowing a mireiad of battles I the desserts.


Tuareg tribes as a civ would be very underwhelming, Morocco with a Tuareg shipment or unit would be more likely.

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Morocco , whom were the inhabitants of the “Morocco” ,Shahel,Sahara region of not the vast Tuareg tribes .

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Maybe, but the Tuaregs wouyld be a very limited civ as it is, and if they were going to do a Warchiefs style civ for Africa, the Zulu would be much more iconic.

It is fitting in the game that some civs have anachronistic or just barely related mercenary shipment card too, like the Portuguese can send Ninja, Mamelukes and Barbary Corsairs, both of which never worked for Portugal at all (the Barbary Pirates were actually sworn enemies).

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I was thinking that the Tuareg could have Mamlukes in the stable as well as Wheel lock musket firing infantry and Camalry as well as melee Camalry .with shipping cards that allows them to receive altiliry from European / ottoman allies. With cheap , fast creating Berber tents as houses and Town centres ,to make them mobile and flexible.

Houses and TC have low HP but can be rapidly reconstructed in a new area.

So you will have to conduct a pincer movement in order to successfully rout and defeat them. Remaining weary of being outflanked by their camels and cavalry.

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Not that I disagree that both of those countries would be more interesting than Switzerland, but… Switzerland broke out from the HRE during this time period (and had to fight several wars with it to gain autonomy, then independance). Austria, however, was part of it and nominally ruled it until it was disbanded by Napoleon. So if you consider being part of the HRE as a deal-breaker…


i mean sure, but austria is the leading nation of the empire.

to me adding Switzerland is like adding the free city of Hamburg or Saxony, sure they where around but clearly in a subservent role to Austria and Prussia.

i think to be a worthy faction for the game you have to at least have some aggression (hense the term “Empire”), siting landlocked and basically neutral is IMO not a good reason to be in the game.

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