Age of empires 3 DE vs Age of empires 2 DE performance

I have an older dell inspiron 3650.
Intel Core I3-6100 @ 3.70 GHz CPU
8.00 GB Ram
Intel HD 530 graphics

Age of Empires 2 Definitive edition at low specs is playable, maybe takes a bit to load a new game but that’s fine.

Shouldn’t Age of Empires 3 definitive edition run at about the same performance as AOE2 on my machine if both games should have similar pc requirements? Sometimes I get the AOE3 game to run and I can manage to play, sometimes it’ll crash, sometimes I get bad performance, esp when on the single player campaigns. And it takes a long while even for the AOE3 DE game to load (I have the MS Store version)

I know integrated graphics is not a gaming workhorse but even then I’d thought both games would have similar performance … (and no, getting a standalone gpu card is not on the table at the moment).

Maybe the devs can do something about improving AOE3 DE performance for graphics card on the lower end / integrated graphics so at least it equals that of AOE2 DE …

the cpu is the problem here i have 1080 gpu and because of my i7 3770 i cant run the game on medium graphics i have to play with everything disabled and on low if i want to have at least a decent performance

My take on this is how terrible is the based engine, that they copypaste it instead of doing a proper, optimized and new one.

I don’t know if some people have done some reverse engineering to confirm this, but for me it is the case, since there is some bugs that were there with the original AOE3 and its original game engine.

So, that means there has been huge copy paste from the original engine, and they didn’t “re-do” a proper AoE3 from scratch. They probably did that by lack of human resources, or any other problems, but now they’re stuck with an old engine, that will be probably so hard to optimize.

I’m a developer myself, and I know decisions like this are usually from above, so I can’t really blame the devs on this. But, I can’t help to be sad. There is so many engine that are correct to use if the time were truly lacking, Unity, the one created by Amazon, and I’m almost sure it would have been better :(.

I’m pretty sure it will be done some days, but not any time soon, if they’re working on optimizing an old engine.

There is no copypaste, because the DEs aren’t remakes in the first place. All of the Definitive Editions are simply updated versions of the original games, using the original respective engine. They didn’t redo any of the games from scratch, that would be crazy hard.

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