Age of Empires 3 definitive laptop spec

Hi Everyone
Hoping someone can help me. I have no idea about computer spec. I got a Lenovo i5 8gb ram laptop for Christmas. It has intel uhd graphics. Does anyone know if this will run age of empires 3. Used to play 1&2 many many years ago and want to have another go

UHD graphics are for Intel 8th gen series CPUs release 3rd quarter of 2018 or later. You should have no issues playing Age of Empires III: DE because the minimum GPU is an Intel HD 4400 released in 2014. However, since you have a GPU with less than the recommended GPU, you may need to dial back some settings.

You can find the minimum and recommended system specifications for the game here:
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Thanks for the reply. Any idea what’s best to tone down to get best out of the game

be sure SSAA is on 100%

Your next problem will be the RAM.
If you check your specs in windows it will tell you that you have 6.9GB Ram for usage.
Thats because on laptops windows owns ram for itself. No clue if that can be reverted but, that means you are technically under the 8GB minimum.

It works for some users, once some grafic settings were turned down.