Age of Empires 3 devs are really humbly listening to our sound advice

Not in home right now: could someone please check the JPK announced unlocked graphics and Sacred Cow, if is changed?

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Does anyone else think that the The Thin Red Line card make musketeers look more brown than full on red?? (could just be my monitor).

I love the aesthetic change none the less :blush:

I don’t think it’s just your monitor. It looks reddish brown to me too. It could be the lighting I used for the photos, but I think that’s just the way it is.

Anyone have any screenshots of the Church shipment tech upgrades other than Thin Red Line? I’d love to see what others such as Corselets for the Spanish does, for example.

on thin red line, my guess is this was done to prevent overlap with default red player colour

I think it’s a smart way to put the earlier “tricorne redcoat” model in a more fitting age (age 3 not age 4) instead of wasting it.

Edit: maybe you are referring to the “brick red” color. But anyway.

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That makes a lot of sense, now that you mention it.

What’s different on the JPKs?

I think it’s new visuals at Champion upgrade.


EDIT: I just checked myself. It seems that they slightly changed the color scheme, and the shield pattern?

Wonderful. Thank you.

I have seen that shield before

Indian Sacred Cow is stilll the same?

No change to Sacred Cows.


With that green color, that redcoat musketeer looks like santa soldier

Ah. I checked, but I could not see any notable difference. Perhaps it is because I could not compare it to how it was before the patch. The shields do look a bit different now, I must admit.

It’s the easiest change could make. You don’t even have to create a new skin (Maybe some tweaks).

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