Age of Empires 3 devs are really humbly listening to our sound advice

Thank you, developers!

As a fan of the Napoleonic Wars, I can unequivocally say this is the real British Army at the Battle of Waterloo!


Lucky you <3 :slight_smile:

How I hate not having my computer at hand right now.

What is the “new visual” from the Thin Red Line then?


After researching this technology, the main body of the clothes changes from player color to “thin red line” red XDDDD

I see so that’s where the older “tricorne redcoat” goes.

Now you can have 3 types of redcoats with different hats XD.

It is still shako, but the main color of the clothes is locked to red

I see. Does the tech affect all models or just the guard/imperial one?

I think the “teutonic knight” tech would swap the helmet independent of the clothes for any tier of hospitaller.

I’ll post some pics for you in a moment.

Outstanding job Devs! If you were here in the UK I’d make you a cup of tea and maybe even toast you a crumpet.


Standard basic Musketeer

The Thin Red Line basic Musketeer

Standard Veteran Musketeer

TRL Veteran Musketeer

Standard Redcoat Musketeer

TRL Redcoat Musketeer

The Imperial upgrades don’t seem to change either type’s appearance.


Great work. Thanks!

Boy they not only just switched the color but also tweaked the style of the uniforms and hats a bit.
Now the unupgraded musketeer with thin red line looks very much like the new model army.


I forgot to make my player colour red, unfortunately. They would have looked a lot more like Redcoats that way. I’m so used to playing green that I hardly even think about it.

Well the uniforms irl did have variable colored cuffs and collars besides the main color. So the player color there is actually quite accurate XD.

The intro also changed. Now World’s Edge makes its presentation.

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What Amazing Graphic. Tantalus are very talented. Now, compare this with Aoe4: night and day.


Wow, thanks for uploading the pics. I love the New Model uniforms - what a passion project, clearly!

I wonder if they’ll ever look at giving Imp. Redcoats Pith helmets in the future - it would kinda tie in with the whole Imperial notion, but this not a beg or whine/moan - I could take or leave that minor element. I think they look wonderful right now!


I believe it is Forgotten Empires which made these units?

Great models between!


Tantalus works on graphic if i remember well

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Both of them deserve our admiration and love


That was FE´s work :slight_smile:
He / They did a really good job on it !