Age of empires 3 limitations over building, ships, and over some troops

The limitations of building such as castles always been a problem it is irritating I mean I always use castle to move forward and surround the enemy but due to limitations it creates a problem for same with ships and troops, I mean I can only make 5 man O war and 15 men from tribes.
Pls at least remove the limitations from ships and troops. And increase the no. Of buildings we can make

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You are suggesting things that break the game. Those limitations exist for a reason.


But if something is destroying the term strategy then they should avoid it, look wht is sense of marine war if both the can have exact same amount of units but if they remove the limitations there won’t be same amount of units the capacity of units will be based on who can spend more resources for the war

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Fully agree on the water part, except for one thing. Ships that have fishing capabilities need to stay limited.

I would suggest the following:
Fishing ships cost 1 pop and caravel cost 2 pop, galleons 3 pop, mortar ships 5 pop and Fregatte 4 pop.

Maybe even go further. Introduce a separat pop count for ships and instead of houses docks are counted. Each Dock gives 8 war ship pop space (all ships that can not fish) up to a maximum of 60.

Ships that can fish still count into the normal pop spaces to keep eco balanced.

Also reduce range of the mortar ships special attack skill!

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But if there is any specific limitations over water will affect the strategy term either remove the limitations and combine all the population as one and increase it further

As much as I generally do not like build limits, it is a core part of the game. The game is balanced around it. And removing it would change the game so much that old players likely dislike such a change.

I think this could be an interesting spin for a mod. A game mode that was specifically tailored around this.

If u look at, players like hera, viper and spirit of law they all are so into aoe 2 cuz there are no limitations even myself I don’t like age of mythology and age pf empires 3 as much aoe 2 bcuz of no limitation


It is weird to ask AoE2 players their opinions of AoE3 game balances. I think we should ask these questions to the top AoE3 players.

BTW I am curious who are the top players of AoE3 now?

I used to love aoe 3 nd that’s y m suggesting such upgrades cuz I just wants it to be dream come true

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AoE2 is not AoE3. And that is a good thing. They can exist beside each other.

And I like Command and Conquer a lot because there are no limits at all on how many units you can build. With extremely rare exceptions. AoE2 actually seem rather limiting in comparison.

And with games like 0AD they should upgrade themselves in such a way

I cannot agree upon it sry mate
I see that aoe 2 don’t have things aoe3 but still there were very few or no limitations in it yaar

I am not sure what you mean there. But the games being different I think is a good thing.

But the reasons for the limitations has to do with how the games are designed. Both from a strategic standpoint but also what the game engine can handle. I am not against their being an unlimited mode. But for the people wanting the classic experience is not right to force them in to play a complete different game. There are some changes coming to Age of Empires III I am sure. But these are intended more than refinements to the game. But to radically change the population mechanic in the game is a huge change.

This is also a suggestion you might want to raise with the Age of Empires IV team. I mean I, my self prefer not to have unit caps. A bit part why I like C&C games. And what the game to be balanced in other ways. But I also get why they exist.

Remember. There are always options for modding and if Age of Empires II DE is to go by, then we will have pretty good mod support.

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I think they should take some ideas from 0AD for aoe 4

I didnt like the new fact that iroquois,sioux and aztecs can NOT convert crocodiles, bears and other animals in early game. I loved them and they were extremely useful in my opinion

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