AGE OF EMPIRES 4. - 2021

Greetings to the large AOE 4 community.
Of course, I also greet our developers.

My list topic,I will write herec.
Why the last one? because everything repeats itself.

And Its the same everywhere!!!
Graphic design.
Size of units,buldings and weapons and more…

The question Is?

Do we want a worthy successor to AOE 1,AOE 2,AOE 3 ?
The community wants something like is a game I want to play right away.Amazing.

But so far community is in convulsions.And unfortunately me too.

Dear developers, please listen to the community.It pays off for everyone.

Thank you all.


Yeah, the feedback has been given, it is what it is.

Let’s just hope for the best and see how the final product will be like.

If there is good mod support with this game, there won’t be a shortage of mods to improve graphics.

Hopefully we will also have AoM:DE to keep us entertained in case things go south with this one :slight_smile: